3 Ways to Locate Motivated Sellers With No Money

Three ways to locate sellers with no money

Most people I talk with say they have trouble getting started in real estate investing because they have no money.  Most are working jobs that just pay them enough to pay the Bills and have really no money to market like every real estate investing course tells them.  If this is your situation then you are forced to be creative with your money and marketing.

So what is your budget for the month?  Some months your budget may be $0.  Is there anyone who has this kind of marketing budget?

Before I get into marketing I want to I want to tell you to read the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.  Read it at least two times, so the truth really sinks in and hits your square in the mouth.  The reason you are broke is not due to whatever you think it is due too.  Stop the stupid excuses now.  You being broke is merely the symptom of your false belief about money and rich people. The book will really hammer the fact home like no one else has ever done before.

How to get leads


Just get out and talk to people.  It’s easy, cheap really works.  This is what I do every day, and everyone is very responsive.  A few people actually told me right on the spot that they know someone who has a house that want to get rid of.  You will want to get business cards made up.  I know I said $0 but this is important.  You can get some on vista print for like $15.

If you don’t like talking to strangers, you are going to have to overcome this.  Believe me when I tell you I hated talking to random people at first and still don’t like it sometimes, but it is just one of those things that has to be done.  Simply force yourself to do it and then you’re feeling with quickly change.  It won’t kill you, I have never heard of anyone dying from asking a stranger if they know of any whose house you can buy.


You can print unlimited flyers from the comfort of your home computer for merely the price of paper.  If you have a roommate take their paper and it costs nothing (you may need to get new housing arrangements in the near future).  Its easy to make a nice flier up, Just put what you do, how you can help.  If you live in Billings Montana do not steal mine or I will find you.  I am joking take it and get some leads there is more than enough to go around.

Put the flyers up everywhere you can put them up.  Just have a stack of them in your car and if you go into a restaurant and see a billboard for flyers go back to your car and get one to put up.

Free Online Classified Ads

There are hundreds of free online classified ads sites on the internet.  Are you currently using them?  Why the heck not, they are FREE and it takes 2 minutes to write an ad.  Craig’s list is the biggest and most popular.  I get lots of leads from online classifieds.

Get out there and start marketing.

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