Advantages of Using a Voice Mail System in Property Rental

Anyone who is currently renting property should already know about the many advantages to using a voice mail system when dealing with real estate. If you are new to the world of real estate don’t feel bad someone just forgot to tell you about it. I had this problem when I was just starting out. I had a couple of properties that I was renting and I repeatedly found myself getting bogged down just dealing with the phone calls most of which were from people who had no real interest to rent from me. This article will show you the advantages as well as tell you the basics to include in your message.

If you are like me and own or manage several real estate properties then you know about the headaches that go with constantly having to answer the phone each and every time it rings. This is why I use a voice mail system, the person can call and leave a message. I can then go and listen to the messages at my leisure and save me a ton of time having to answer the phone each time.

So what exactly is it that you say in you message? Well I for instance will give a description of the property, explain the various features. I usually will point out such features such as air conditioning, or whether or not pets are allowed. Try to limit this to a one or two minute message as you don’t want to bore the caller with too many details at one. On the other hand you need to include such information like the cost per month and any other fees that will be incurred monthly or just to move in.

At this point if you have setup the voice mail correctly then you will be able to avoid talking to the people who are not interested and also the ones that maybe you don’t feel like talking to on the phone.

The major advantage to this system is that after the caller listens to the message, if they still leave a message then you know for sure that you have a person that is in fact interested. A voice mail system is a must for any person who is in real estate rental. This will save you from having to talk to 150-200 people a day half of which will not have any further interest after talking to you.

As any person can tell you the less time you are on the phone the more time you will have for other task such as actual rental of property and other task that are associated. with effectively renting property.

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