Being Successful and Happy

How many people in the world are successful? How many people in the world are happy? What about being both successful and happy at the same time? The number of people who can honestly say that they are both successful in what they do, and are very happy in their life, is unfortunately quite a small number.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, it is entirely possible to be very successful at your chosen career and your family life, while at the same time being very happy in everything that you have and everything that you do. So why aren’t more people successful and happy? The answer is so simple that often people look right past it, and never learn the secret.

One way of thinking is that in order to BE, you must HAVE. This line of thinking leaves people thinking that they must have a solid career, a great deal of money, or whatever it is that they think they need in their life, in order to be happy. This is not true at all. You must change your way of thinking, so that instead you think that in order to HAVE you must BE. This line of thinking says that in order to be successful, you must be happy first.

Think about this – most people tell themselves that once they are successful they will worry about donating their time and money to charity. But there is a good chance that those people will never become successful. However, another person will decide to be generous and give back before they are successful. By being the generous, thoughtful person before they become successful they are effectively attracting more people to them because they recognize a generous, good spirited person and they want to spend time with that person.

Think about it, when you are smiling, courteous, generous, kind and all of the other wonderful things that you want to be when you are happy – you naturally attract people to you because they want to be around people who are happy and generous. When you attract people to you and into your life, you are creating a situation when you can create opportunities to make money. Simply by “being” before you focus on the “having” you are creating situations to improve your life.

The law of attraction is very strong, and if you focus on being the type of person that attracts other people, you will soon be able to attract into your life everything that you need and desire in order to be successful!

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