Benefits of a Limited Liability Company for Real Estate Investing in Billings Montana

“Own Nothing, Control Everything” John D Rockefeller

An LLC actually combines aspects of partnerships and corporations, so an LLC is less formal and more flexible than a typical corporation, yet offers protection as well as certain advantages that are much the same. For example, members cannot be found personally liable for company debts. Their assets are separate from the assets of the LLC so they cannot be seized. One of the advantages of an LLC is that taxation is based on the partnership model. Flow-through taxation is advantageous since members are only required to pay taxes on their earnings once instead of paying both corporate and individual taxes.

There are several benefits of running your real estate investing business with an LLC. The first benefit is protection.  Make sure that you contact an attorney or tax professional.  I use an LLC in my business and know several big time investors who also use them.

An LLC, unlike a sole proprietorship or partnership, provides bullet proof asset, privacy and identity protection. Every person who owns rental properties should have them protected with LLC’s.  This way if something does happen you are protected and they cannot go after any of your other assets.

Another reason is tax savings.  An LLC allows business owners to keep more of what they make with access to hundreds of legal tax credits.  An LLC gives a small business the appearance of a large credible and established company.  It is important to establish yourself and your business as a brand.  This way people who hear a company like Big Sky Property Solutions LLC know what you do and how amazing you are.

The last is building business credit.  An LLC has the ability to establish a separate, more powerful credit profile than an individual.  The benefits of building business credit are access to capital.  You can obtain cash, credit, platinum cards, auto and equipment leases without a personal guarantee.  You can also build a business credit profile under the business name, completely separate from the individual owners’ personal credit profiles.  It also greatly increases your ability to obtain credit, leases, and government contracts with a verifiable business credit profile.  Achieve peace of mind by having access to capital to ensure that the business can grow and prosper.

I hope this article gave you some great information about why every real estate investor should be using LLC’s.

By Christopher Seder

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