Billings Mt Home Selling Guide

Selling your home in Billings Mt can be a daunting task.  You need to pick the right sales associate, estimate what you think you can sell the house for, fix up the house, show the house, and cash your huge check.   One thing that a lot of home sellers over look is understanding what the market is doing.  You have to know what is selling, how long homes are staying on the market, prices, and what your competition is.

If you are working with a realtor in Billings Montana he has probably helped you set the price to list your home at. Even though this price right on with what people are paying for homes like yours.  You still have to know that the price or value is going to be determined by what a willing and able buyer will pay.  There might be a home that looks exactly like yours down the street but your home might not sell for the same price or sell as fast.  Real Estate can be crazy at times.

This is why determining your asking price can be the biggest factor in getting your home sold.  All real estate agents can give you a market analysis that provides details on recent sales of homes similar to yours, as well as the asking price of homes currently on the market.

There are more factors to deal with, so that you can fully understand the process of selling your home and what really determines what you are going to get for your home.

One factor to look at is the location of your home.  What are the tradeoffs and advantages of your home?  A house on the west end is going to sell for more than a house on the south side of Billings.  Yes that is pretty obvious.  Does your house back up to a busy street or is it in a quiet neighborhood?  This is huge and can drop the value of your home by over $10,000.   Area is huge factor in selling your home.  Also know what is going to detour potential buyers from your home.

Next thing to look at is the features of your home and features of other homes on the market.  I like to call this the sizzle factor.  What features separate your home from others on the market?  Does your home have an amazing view, new kitchen, overhead microwave and just things that people love.

Another one is condition of the house.  If you are going to try and get full market value make sure you home is in amazing condition.  Retail buyers want a house they can move right into and not have to do a darn thing.  If you don’t want to do any work a sell your home, call Big Sky Property Solutions LLC in Billings Montana.   Otherwise fix up the house and get it looking like a new place.

Lastly just understand what the market is doing.  Is it a buyer’s market, a seller’s market?  Study what is going on out there.  Do not watch the news to find this.  They will tell you that no one is buying and that you are better off to bulldoze you home.   Just ask realtors, go to open houses and really just open your eyes.

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