Billings MT Lady Sells Home in 1 Day

You can also Sell your Billings MT Home in 1 Day.

Everyone in Billings MT has heard that houses just are not selling. I have spoke to tons of realtors who all say the same thing, houses just are not selling right now. I am sure that you have heard that too right? But there is hope, I recently talked to a lady who sold her Billings House on the retail market in one day. Yes one day. How did she do this? First let’s talk about why houses are not selling.
Reasons why houses are not selling right now
• Asking Price
• Condition
• Competition
• Marketing
• Amount Owed
• Banks not Loaning money

There are a few of the reasons why houses are just not selling. Let’s take a look at how a lady in Billings MT sold her houses in just one day. And guess what she did not do much. All the lady really did was make sure that her houses was in 100% perfect condition, and then priced her property at $139,990. Her house appraised for $149,900, so she dropped her asking price by $10,000. Why did she do this? Because she knew if she wanted to sell her home fast, she had to price her home below the competition.
Lesson 1, is to price your house Below your competition. Buyers in Billings are looking to get a discount, everyone wants to buy a house and have instant equity.
Lesson 2, fix up your house. At least paint the inside, clean the house, clean the carpets, and fix anything that needs it. There are hundreds of houses on the market right now and no buyer wants a house that needs work, when they could pay an equal or less amount for a house in Amazing condition.

Lesson 3
, is to look at your competition. Set your house apart from the competition. That could be price, special features, condition, or whatever.
Lesson 4 is to market the hell out of your house. Even if you have a realtor you need to help them out. By putting craigslist ads up for them, put up more directional signs and tell everyone you have a house for sale.
So lets recap, wants important. If you’re trying to sell your house but are having trouble getting it sold. Remember buyers want a deal; you need to price your house aggressively. The market is changing and yes houses are not worth as much as they once were. Yes you might find a buyer for full retail, but are you willing to wait 6 months?
If your current payments are around $1,000 a month, then you just wasted $6,000 waiting around for a buyer. Maybe if you had priced your house $5,000 under market value your house would have sold in just a few days or weeks.
Think about all of this and do some research on how you can implement some of these strategies.

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