WARNING: This may look weird but if you ignore it, you will be left behind by your competitors. If you want to start making money in real estate investing you've gotta have this.

"Get a Mentor, Skip The Learning Curve, Become Wealthy, Quit Your Job, And Be FREE! I Did It. YOU Can Do It."

THE SMARTEST, FASTEST, ABSOLUTE BEST Way To Get Started In Real Estate. Period.

Disclaimer:  If you’re involved or want to get involved in real estate investing and you do not take 7 minutes (yes, I’ve timed it) to read every word of this website, it will be the biggest mistake you’ll ever make.  98% of NEW real estate investors never do a SINGLE real estate investing deal.  I am going to reveal to you WHY and HOW you can start doing deals and collecting checks Right the HECK NOW!

“One of the chief reasons for Dell’s remarkable run from start-up to worldwide leader in market share, said Fortune magazine in 2005, is that ‘Michael Dell surrounded himself with mentors and consultants when he needed to’.”

– Kate Ludeman, author of Alpha Male Syndrome

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

– Thomas Edison

“‘Come to the edge,’ He said. They said, ‘We are afraid.’ ‘Come to the edge,’ He said. They came. He pushed them…and they flew.”

– Guillaume Apollinaire

From:  Christopher Seder
To: The Newest Millionaire

Perhaps you have asked yourself this question before: “Self, why do I not have vast mountains of hot, sweaty, sexy cash?”

No doubt your self answered you back with something to this effect, “because you’re just not lucky” or “because that’s for other people – not you” or “because your parents were poor” [so were mine] or even better… “because you’re ugly.”

Thanks a lot, Self. Our selves are our worst enemy and if we are to have any success whatsoever we must begin telling our selves who’s boss in this land.

The first thing we can do to reclaim our lives for the true champion selves that we really are is to start asking better questions. We might better ask, “Self, how can I get vast mountains of hot, sweaty, sexy cash?” See the difference?

The former focuses on the negative and the latter on the positive. Whatever you ask yourself … you will get the answer. Start asking yourself every day, “What can I do to become the smashing success that I know I was born to be?”

So long as when you ask this you have tapped into the true subconscious “you” who will never lie to you but will always guide you along the correct and most prosperous path, you should hear something back along these lines …


“Hire Christopher Seder as your personal real estate investment mentor. Do it now. Go. Right now. Do it.”

Now let’s not kid ourselves friends; there are times when you should NOT follow your heart. It will get you into all types of trouble on occasion. Luckily for you and I … This is not one of those times. You need to listen to the True You on this one and get on the path that leads to the mountain. That’s right – The Mountain of Hot, Sweaty, Sexy Cash.

I’m already playing on this mountain. So are my friends. It’s a fun mountain; believe me. It’s better here. We all run around with wheelbarrows full of the stinky cash and toss it around. We make big salads out of it and eat it for lunch. Heck, we even roll around in it and make money angels just like we used to do in the snow when we were kids. It’s awesome.

We burn cash for the fun of it here. It’s hot. It’s sweaty. And it’s sexy. What more do you want?


“A good coach will make his players see what they can become rather than what they are.”

– Ara Parseghian

all checks


You will seldom improve your situation
if you have no one to copy but yourself!
Because yourself … Is an idiot!



The TRUE Secret To My Success

I attribute probably 80% of my success to MY original mentor in real estate whose biggest service to me was showing me what is truly possible. I would’ve never thought what I’m doing was possible had I not personally witnessed it in his life with my own two eyeballs.

He does the same exact thing I will be teaching you to do and he is on track to make  millions  this year and own over 100 rentals. He has No employees and spends zero dollars per year on marketing. Did I mention he has been flipping houses for over 30 years and been involved in over 900 real estate transactions? Yeah. True story.

You Wanna BE A Millionaire?

Start ASSOCIATING With Millionaires.

All my friends roll like this. They’re all young millionaires or millionaire “minded” on their way to the top. You need to surround yourself with these types of people if you hope to experience success for yourself. “He who dwells with the wise will be wise” so goes the proverb. It could be restated with just as much truth as “He who dwells with the prosperous will be prosperous.” This is a time proven principle; whoever you hang around – you will become.

Ever notice how you inevitably start picking up all the weird sayings, terminology, and antics as your best friend? Just happens almost automatically doesn’t it? Hhmmm. I wonder if we pick up their bad habits and attitudes as well.. Interesting.


The More Successful People You Are Exposed To,
The More Successful You Will Become!

Bottom line – Hang around losers who talk about how much the real estate market sucks and you will soon find yourself broker than a dork who sits around and talks about how much the real estate market sucks. Hang around me and MY friends … And you will soon find yourself flipping houses like flap jacks on a Saturday morning before cartoons and making what I like to call “SEXY CASHOLA”. Sounds like a cereal that mixes cash in with granola for a sexy breakfast treat. Yum. I want seconds.

Team Freedom is making money no matter WHAT the market is doing!!!!!!!!!!


THE Big Sky Property Solutions LLC V.I.P.

What it is NOT:

Classes, seminars, workbooks, homework, weekly phone calls, etc …

What it IS:

A one-on-one apprenticeship/partnership with Yours Truly for 12 months. We are basically just doing business together.

What you get:

1. A Free Copy of My New eBook (if you don’t already have it)

A copy of flip your way to financial freedom by Preston Ely (the King of Wholesaling)

It contains everything you need to know about finding leads which is all you really need to know right up front. Everything else you will learn as we go.

2. Weekly “Progress Reports” To Keep you on Track and Make to Ensure Your Success

Honestly? This one thing is worth the cost of admission in and of itself.  Simply do the exact same things that I do – and see what happens.  Having someone look over what you are doing each week and keeping you accountable for your actions is a big crutch.  I will be there to tell you to get up off your ass and do something.  Every week you will have a few small task that you must complete.  If you do not complete them you will get an angry phone call from yours truly.

3. Lead Analyzation & Support! Access To Me And My Team!

This is the core of my service to you.  I  will personally help you analyze deals and determine offers.  Soon you will know everything about how to determine value, make offers, counter offers, and overall transaction expedition.

For your ever-so-important first year in real estate, you will have the top-dog, heavy hitters of the industry (us) reviewing all your leads, telling you what’s good and bad about them, telling you what the houses are worth, giving you the offer amounts, helping you CLOSE the deals, watching over you, and MAKING SURE YOU MAKE ACTUAL REAL MONEY IN THE PROCESS. We basically take you step by step through all your deals.

Most people make $0 their first year in real estate. You will not be most people.

Heck, you even get access to MY title company. They work nationwide and let me and my students do whatever the heck we want. More and more now title agencies are NOT allowing assignable contracts. They’re getting stricter and stricter. Skip all the hunting and searching and we’ll use mine.

4. Lifetime Access to the Real Estate Vip Coaching

  • A 30 Day Action Plan
  • The Best Way to Get Started
  • Marketing for Endless Amounts of Sellers
  • Rehabbing Advise
  • Wholesaling Advise
  • Access to Inside Secrets
  • Where to get Funding
  • Internet Marketing for real Estate investors
  • All the Documents and Marketing Material You need
  • And Much More

5. A Real Estate Investing web Site

  • Custom Web Page
  • Buyers Squeeze Page and Sellers Squeeze Page
  • keyword Optimized to your area
  • and much more….

6. Access to My Nation Wide Buyers List

  • A list of cash buyers looking for cheap houses
  • Cash Buyer Updates Every Few Months
  • and much more….

7. Bonus Material

  • A Home Study Course with all the Material You Need
  • Profits from Probates
  • All the Contracts and Forms You Need


Whats in it for you!

What you will learn: Everything. How to negotiate deals, what deals are good, what deals are bad, how to determine value, how to get things sold quickly, how to do things risk free, how to expedite closings, etc., etc.. How to BE THE BEST. By the end of 12 months you will know how to do what I do. All that I am will rub off on YOU.

How much time it takes on a weekly basis? As much as you have to put into it. I started myself part time while working another full time job and then went full time whenever I could afford to do so. I have other students who have done the same.

How much access you will have to me? Pretty much unlimited. Within reason. My experience has been that by offering unlimited access to me, you guys tend to not abuse it. You will have my private personal email that I check a billion times a day.

What work is involved on your part? At first the only thing you have to worry about is finding leads (motivated sellers). My book has plenty of information to get your started in this regard. Get creative. Everyone’s preferred method of lead generation is different. Everything else you will learn as we go.

Finding leads, by the way, is the easy part. It’s what to do with them that takes some learning.

Where will we get the money to buy houses? We will be assigning contracts which does not require any money. If a deposit is required, we will supply it. All financial obligations rest on my shoulders, not yours. Heck of a nice way to start eh?

Who is responsible for selling the properties? You are, under our guidance. I will assist you in building a buyer’s list and with marketing locally in the most effective manner possible.

Who is responsible for escrow deposits on properties? I put up all deposits.

Where the closings will be? My title company.

The Investment:

$2,000 up front and we split profits 50-50 for as long as you want to continue sending leads to us (Minimum of 5 transactions).

Let me ask you a question. How much do you honestly think another real estate coach is going to help you in your efforts to get your deals CLOSED (as in, “check in your bank account” CLOSED) when they have no interest in the deal? We are going to make DANG sure your deals close because YOUR deals are OUR deals!

As a side note, 50% of profits is darn generous. Bring a lead to any other wholesaler and they will give you $500. I will be giving you more like $5,000 to $20,000 per deal AND teaching you an industry in the process. I have a friend who spent $20,000 for his mentoring! I accept all major credit cards. If you would like a payment plan, you can do $297 up front and payments of $197 a month for 12 months.  That comes out to $2,661. So you will end up Saving $661 by paying upfront.

**Space is always limited in this program, and people who pay the whole amount up front (making things less complicated) get first priority.

Why I am doing this is in the first place? I mean, aren’t I just creating competition for myself? I sure am. Ask me how much I care. Dude, there is so much business out there it just doesn’t matter. And you need to think like that too or else your chances of succeeding are nil. I mean, I started out knowing NOTHING and I was finding deals making $20,000, $35,000, $50,000 on a flip not even knowing what I was doing hardly.  There are more deals than there are investors. TRUST me. Plus …’m better than all of you. That will never change. : )

The REAL reason I’m doing this is simply out of the kindness of my heart. I’m donating all the money to charity.


I’m doing this to make you and me a lot of money in a win-win situation!! Duh. And in all actuality I do give a LOT to church and charity. How much? I’ll give you a hint – 10% is for stingy people.

A while back a friend of mine from called me up and said he had heard about my success in real estate. He informed me that he had just  spent a bazillion dollars on the Rich Dad  real estate coaching program (never did one deal).  He wondering if maybe I could do something better for him.

Well I sat down and started thinking about it and I asked myself if there was some way that I could do this while (A.) Making it worth my while and (B.) Offering value to him. The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea. But I wanted to make sure that whatever I charged for a fee I was offering back value times a hundred. I am 100% convinced that I have successfully met that goal. My service to my students is invaluable in my (and their) opinion. $2,000 is chump change compared to what you will get in return.


Here is what a typical transaction will look like for you:

  • You get an incoming call from some of the super cheap marketing that I’ve instructed you to do.
  • You will fill out a simple lead sheet that I have given you up front.
  • You tell the prospect, “Great. I’ll look into this and get back to you right away.”
  • You then email that lead sheet to me and I take it from there. How easy is that???
  • I then look at the deal, tell you what makes it good or bad, tell you what we need to offer or why we need to pass on it, help you write up the contract, and literally walk you through every step of the deal until we have sold it and made at LEAST $10,000 (or as much as $50,000 or more) which we split at the time of closing.
  • The title company will send or wire you your 50% of the deal directly

We do enough of these deals and you will have made a LOT of money and learned an industry in the meantime.

I look forward to working with you and being used by God to help you realize the success that you were put on earth to achieve.


p.s. You need a coach, and you know it. Ask any successful real estate investor or wholesaler if they had a mentor and they will ALL tell you “yes.” Did you know that Jack Nicholas, the greatest golfer of all time STILL pays big money for a coach? What does that say to you? Stop trying to beat the world on your own. IT’S IMPOSSIBLE! I’m at the other end of the tunnel shining a light back at you, waving you over. Now get your butt over here. It’s funner on the other end. We’ve got cookies.

p.p.s. – I love you.

p.p.p.s. – All successful people have one thing in common. They act. They are quick to act and slow to change that decision. I was just looking over an advertisement the other day for a 3 day $3,000 seminar on internet marketing. My guts said “go for it”, my heart was in agreement, my head said “dang that’s a lot of money” and my fingers said tap on the “register for seminar” button. It’s an investment in myself that will pay dividends a thousand times over. You’re worth it my friend. Let’s get started.

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