“What Your Low Credit Score is
Actually Costing You”

Low credit ratings jack up the cost of regular living expenses:

* Mortgages: you could be dishing out anywhere from $200 to $800 extra
* Car payment(s): as much as $200 bucks a month if you buy or lease with bad items on your credit statement
* Credit cards: you’re probably paying a nightmarish rate of 20% to 30%… which means, making minimum payments, you’ll still be in debt by the time your grand kids get social security

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Why Repair Your Credit?

Like most people, you work hard for your money! Unfortunately, everything you buy with credit will COST YOU a lot more when you have blemishes on your credit files.

When negative information is on your report you will become the victim of higher interest rates and more. You will pay THOUSANDS of unnecessary dollars, more than your neighbors with better credit scores.

Lower Scores Cost YOU:

  • More for Your Mortgage
  • More for Your Auto Loan
  • More for Your Homeowners Insurance
  • More for Your Life Insurance
  • More for Your Credit Card Interest Rates
  • You May Pay More for Utility Deposits
  • You May Lose on a Job Offer

Chances are if you reading this you may be one of the:

  • 96.1% of Americans with an error on your report
  • 29% with an error serious enough to result in credit denial

The Good News – You have the legal right under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) to challenge any item on your credit report that may be misleading, incomplete or unverifiable/questionable. If a challenged item cannot be verified, the credit bureaus must remove it. This sounds easy but most find it near impossible to do on their own. Having a professional advocate for you who knows the law and the most effective methods yields you the best results.

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