Finding Motivated Sellers in Billings Montana

Finding Motivated Sellers in Billings Montana 

So you decided to buy a real estate course on late night TV, studied up about real estate investing and then realized that you have no idea where to find houses to buy.  Then after a month of looking you give up, it happens more than people think.  How do you find people that you can help get out of foreclosure and get on with their life?

If great deals where easy to find then everyone would be multi millionaires and Billings Montana would look more like Aspen.  Maybe the Aspenites no where we can find motivated sellers?  I don’t think so buy ill look into it and find out.

Some say that you only find deals once in a while and real deals only come around every few years.  Do you believe that?  If I did I would not be in real estate.  There are hundreds of people out there just in Billings Montana that need our help, they need to get their foreclosure stopped, get rid of an unwanted property and save their credit. If you are one of those that need help Click Here!

So what makes a seller motivated to sell at a discount?

There are many reasons divorce, death of a family member, job transfer, job loss, bills piling up, or just some serious financial distress.  These things happen to people every day.  I bet these things have happened to several of you reading this article.  Your job at as a real estate investor is to help these people and create a win-win situation.   I stress to everyone to always leave a seller better off after you help them then they were before.  If you do this people will want to work with you and in a small city like Billings word spreads when you help people.

On first place to start your looking is the paper.  It’s easy, cheap and a good place to start.  Look through all of the for sale by owners.  Most will want more that you can buy the property at but every once in a while you will find a gem.  Look for key words for fixer upper and handy man special.

Next go to the local court house and look up foreclosure listing.  The county court house has hundreds foreclosure records for Yellowstone county.  You know these people need help, so this is another great place to find leads.

Another great source is real estate agents.  Realtors are dealing with sellers every day.  Some sellers want to get full price for their home and others just go to them because that is the only thing they know.  They do not know that there are real estate investors out there who can buy their house all cash and close fast.  Contact several realtors and find one or two that will work with investors.

Place classified ads.  I have had great success placing small classified ads.  Believe me place one and the phone will be ringing with everyone wanting to sell a home.

Also you can find that other investors want to sell their rental properties.  Sometimes land lords just get fed up with dealing with bad tenants.  Network with land lords and ask around to find out who is selling off their property and tell people that you are looking to buy a few houses in the next few months.

Networking is highly under rated when finding motivated sellers.  Just start asking everyone if they know anyone who has a house they need to sell fast.  I am sure you will find a few that do know someone.


Wholesalers are a great place to find deals.  Wholesalers do all the marketing for you, find the deals, deal with the seller and lay the deal out for you.  You do none of the work and still get the same deal.   Most people think that wholesalers mark up the price too much, but that is the opposite.  They can get deals lower in price than you probably can.   Big Sky Property Solutions LLC is one of the best wholesalers in Billings Montana.  They have several forms of marketing directed towards sellers.    Click Here for smoking hot deals

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