Flipping Real Estate Contracts – Did You Line Up Your Buyers?

Flipping real estate contracts can be a great way for new real estate investors to turn profits without assuming the typical risks associated with buying and selling real estate. You’re merely finding properties, locking in a sales price with the current owner and reselling that right to another investor to buy the property at the price you locked in.

By flipping real estate contracts you never own the physical property, so you don’t have to worry about rehabbing or holding costs. Of course this is attractive because you assume no risk.

How do you start out?

Keep in mind, when flipping real estate contracts the best place to start is with a buyer of your contract.

Finding a hot property with a motivated seller and NOT having a buyer or network of potential buyers for your contract will seriously delay or destroy your profit potential.

Lining up a good network of professionals that can quickly convert your deals into cash should be your first priority.

Finding Buyers

To flip real estate contracts you need to gain the confidence of investors whose goal is to quickly re-sell any property acquired via your contracts.

Newspaper ads – Look for these investors in the newspaper under ads like “we buy houses” or we buy ugly houses”.

Be honest and up front by letting them know you are looking for houses that need to be rehabbed. Also ask them if they would like to be contacted when you find a potential deal.

I assure you, if you establish a good relationship with these types of investors they will be very eager to work with you. The final investor usually does not want to do the initial legwork of sourcing properties so keep that in mind.


Ask your potential investor where they want to buy houses and what their price range is.
Location and price are critical to many investors, only willing to work in certain areas at predefined price ranges. Other investors may want you to contact them about any potential good deal.

Also ask if they are typically a cash buyer or will need time to arrange financing for the project.

Foreclosure Auction Sales – A great opportunity to meet investors is at foreclosure auctions. Most of these investors are cash buyers who prefer not to do the legwork of sourcing deals. To successfully flip real estate contracts make sure you visit these auctions regularly.

Come prepared with business cards in hand; introduce yourself prior to or after the auction (not during as investors may be annoyed by the distraction).

Let them know your business is locating and accurately evaluating properties that have profit potential for rehab investors.

Ask if they would like to be contacted when you have located properties that fit their location and price parameters.


Finding buyers for your contracts is critical to your success flipping real estate contracts.
Starting with these two sourcing methods above should get you started building your network of viable investors.

Having a buyer ready for your contract is just as critical as finding that great property. It may seem backwards but remember, time is the enemy when trying to close real estate deals

Find out what it takes to be successful flipping real estate contracts and how you can gain credibility with your investor network.

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