Freedomsoft 4 Review by Christopher Seder

freedomsoft 4

Freedomsoft is a real estate investing software designed by Preston Ely, This software is by far the very best software for new and experienced real estate investors.   If you are serious about getting started in real estate investing or running your business on auto pilot then you need to check this software out.   Below is a video all about Freedomsoft 4 and how you can use freedomsoft to dominate your local real estate market.

What is Freedomsoft 4? 

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Here are a few things freedomsoft has to offer
Instant Leads

Virtual Whiteboard

Scheduling & Task Manager

Mapping & Virtual Inspector

Instant Valuation System

Comparable Sales

Instant Offer Calculator

e-Signature Creator

Easy Contract Editor (Pre-Loaded)

Instant Package Generator (Pre-Loaded)

30-Second Internet Syndicator

Instant Reporting

“Anywhere” Website Integration

Facebook Web Forms

One-Click Faxing & Emailing

Instant Seller Leads Daily

Cash Buyer Leads Daily

Private Lender Leads Daily

OfferBot – Blast out 100s of offers a day.

Your Own Virtual Assistant training

On-Demand Proof of Funds Letters

Access to $5 Million in Funding

Two Freedomsoft (2) Live Event Tickets

LIVE Monthly Call-In Mentoring!

Final Word
I have used freedomsoft since 2010 and highly reccommend the software.  Personally I think the software is the best on the market today and If you are going to get into real estate investing you need to get freedomsoft-4

FreedomSoft 4

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