FreedomSoft Realoaded Review

Freedomsoft Reloaded is truly  a “Miracle Money Making Machine” for any serious real estate investor. Business automation is such an important part of growing and operating a successful company. It’s not something that most entrepreneurs think about. They usually spend a lot of time in their business doing busy work that should pass along to someone else. However, they often don’t have the systems in place to make that possible. That isn’t the case for real estate entrepreneurs.

There is several online business management, CRM, database solutions to choose from, however Freedomsoft is the easiest to learn how to use and it offers more features than the others too.  There is no software that can even compete with freedomsoft.  The software makes it easy to streamline your business so you’re more organized, can focus more on closing more deals rather than shuffling papers, and have the information you need to close deals at your fingertips anywhere you have an internet connection.

If you’re looking for proof that this system works, take a look at the 2,600 investors who purchased membership during the original launch. The need for business systems and technology to back them up resonated with them and everyone else that sought information about Freedomsoft then and now.   I was just getting started when Freedomsoft came along and I jumped on board with the other 2,600 people.  We wanted to scale our business and realized we couldn’t do it by ourselves, and no other system had the answer were were looking for.

The current users are using Freedomsoft to help them run their businesses in all 50 states and 13 countries now. But, as good as the platform was before they have managed to make it better, faster, and more useful. According to Andy Proper, the brains behind the development of the software, the system is faster now and they’ve listened to the feedback from the current users to improve and upgrade the software.

They got feedback from people in different markets who are working on many different types of deals. That in addition to the initial response they received from the survey they ran last year have helped everyone at Real Freedom Properties, Inc make Freedomsoft the industry standard when it comes to real estate software.

They’ve improved the features that were already present in the software and added some new components. Initially, users could only create buyer and seller opt-in pages. This time around all users will have additional choices to pick from to create pre-designed opt-in pages. They can create private lender, landlord, loan modification and short sale pages using 45 new website design templates and their super easy to use website editor.

Users can also create forms on other websites from code they get from Freedomsoft; the information from the lead will still be deposited into their database. They can create direct mail campaigns cheaper, quicker, and more seamlessly with the done-for-you direct mail. You can schedule one mailing or a monthly DRIP campaign and have it fulfilled and mailed automatically. Freedomsoft even provides 6 or 7 different lists the investor/user can choose from, such as absentee owners and notice of default.

The contract builder was the most popular part of Freedomsoft with the initial members, but it’s now possible to create contract packages in the system. All of the information in your contracts is auto-filled from your lead information. You can create cover letters and assemble short sale packages, as well as email or fax the contracts from within the system.

If you don’t think Freedomsoft is a “Miracle Money Making Machine” good luck finding something that is as comprehensive, well built, has as much support, and is backed by people who are better at marketing, buying and selling real estate… because it doesn’t exist.

If you would like to view a Full Demo of the Software I have made 2 short videos showing the ins and outs of the software.

Click here For Your Freedomsoft Demo


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