Get a Real Estate Mentor

You may think to yourself why do I need a mentor? I have read books; listened to CD’s I can figure the rest out as I go.  This may be true but trial and error can really take a toll on someone and could have you giving up before you really get started.  A mentor is someone that has already gone through the trial and error and can offer insight and perspective that you may not know, because you have not gone through that yet.  Mentors can be great because any question you have can be answered and mentors can take all the fear out of the equitation.

Most successful real estate investors that I know owe their success to mentors.  So what’s a mentor going to do for you?  They can give you moral support.  We as humans always have the need for approval of others to make us feel better about decisions we make.  If you have an investor who has been there before, tell you that the deal you are going after is a good one, and then your mind can rest at ease.  Mentors can also help you find other good business people to work with such as real estate agents, property inspectors, appraisers, bankers and whoever you need.  You mentor should be networked in the community and know who does good work.

Finding the right mentor may take a little bit of work, but is well worth it.  I suggest you to go out to the investment clubs, and find out the person that is making it happen, who is the biggest and best investor around.  Once you find out whom that person is, you need to take them to lunch or coffee and figure out how you can acquire their time and mentorship.

I would just come out and ask them if they would be willing to mentor me.  Ask them if they would consider using you as an intern or if you could work with them somehow as an assistant.  Work for free if you have to for a while, the experience will pay off hundreds of times over.  You could also offer your services as a bird dog.  Bird Dogs are people who go out and find deals or leads for an investor.  There are several ways of going about doing this, just be creative and figure it out.

One last word on mentors is that our country was created by the use of mentors.  We called them different things back then.  When someone decided to go into a career that would be an apprentice for someone that was skilled in the trade they wanted to go into.  This is just like want a student and mentor do today.  Throughout the history of the world every culture has used the mentor student in some form.  They knew that it was the fasted way to success in a trade then and it is still the fastest way to success today.

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