Get Your Montana Home Sold Faster

The market is slowing down and homes are not selling as fast as they use to.  So how do you get your home sold in a slow market?  You could drop your price, you could ad different benefits, spend 10 grand on updates.  Or you could Sell the house.

You may be saying well don’t you think I have tried to do that?  And I don’t mean just advertising the house, listing the house and then waiting around for offers.  In a good market that’s all you need to do and your house will sell no problem.  In a soft market you have to do something that no one else is doing.  Stop complaining about how no one wants to buy your house and start selling your house.

You first must make your listing look amazing.  Most lisings are boring and really don’t sell the house.  Do not just leave it up to the real estate agent to create your listing.  Take charge of your listing.  Make sure you have several amazing pictures on there.  I have always wondered why people put one boring picture up and that’s it.  You only have a couple seconds to catch the buyer’s attention when they are scanning through house listings.  Make yours look amazing and stand out from the rest.

A sign in the front of your house is just not enough anymore to get lots of buyers.  I suggest that you have directional signs everywhere.  What is the goal when trying to sell a house?  I believe it is to get the word out to everyone that you have a house for sale.  So why are you not doing that? Put balloons out, put signs on telephone poles and just paper your area.

Another tip is to make sure you have flyers for your house.  You don’t just need flyers; you also need to make sure your flyers stand out.  Sell the features of the house and not just the facts.  Make sure buyers know what makes your house stand out from others.

When selling a house think of yourself as a car dealer.  I know we have all been to car dealer ships with dealers that almost won’t let us off the lot without buying a car.  Now some might say I would never stoop to their level and do the things they do but I must tell you they know how to sell.  If you elicit the right information out of the buyer and understand that he wants to make a decision then push him to make a decision.

Not all buyer are ready to make a decision but if they have been looking for a house for a while now and have seen what is out there.  Always be ready with a contract and try to get the buyer to commit.  Don’t show, the property Sell the Property.

I recommend that you learn and read what you can about selling and negotiating.  Always be prepared for every situation that comes up.

Contact Big Sky Property Solutions LLC if you are looking to sell and home in the Billings Montana area.

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