Home Selling Advice From an Insane Person

How are you marketing your Home? What would an Insane Person Do?

By Christopher Seder

What do buyers need when they plan to buy a home? In fact, there are so many aspects one needs to consider. Have you ever bought a house?  How many houses did you look at?  Probably looked at several Houses.  What did every one of them have in common?  The sellers did the same old boring stuff.  I know they all do the same boring stuff.  I attended 20 open house this last month.  Everyone looked exactly the same.  I got to thinking what would an insane person do different?   Does it not make sense to set yourself apart from the rest of your competition? Think about it.  If every single home looks to same, how is your buyer going to remember you?

Let’s talk about a few things that go into the home selling process.  But let’s think about what an insane person might do instead.  This is going to be fun; you get to put on your creative hat.

Normal Vs. Insane

First, you should be an informative seller and let people know you have a house for sale.  You could put the “Home for Sale” in your front yard. Don’t forget to put your phone number on it, so a buyer can get contact you.   How Boring is that though?  Let’s spice it up and say to ourselves what would an insane person do?  How about erecting a Billboard in your front yard? That’s a little crazier.  How about getting a huge Balloon and attaching it to your sign or house.  Make the Balloon Stick out so you can see it from miles away.  I like that.   And have your phone number in letters you can read 5 Blocks away.    Yes we have a winner.

Second, you should Price your house reasonably, valued by the physical price of your home, environment and location. It’s pretty tough to come up with something insane for the price of your house, because you want to sell it Right? So it should be marketing around the same price of similar homes in your area are selling for.

So what can we think of to make the price a little insane?   Think of anything?  I got it, how about we list the property around triple what its worth?  Then in 1-3 weeks we drop the property back to reality.  Buyer will go crazy thinking wow they just dropped his price by how many hundreds of thousands?    It could work and it is totally insane.

Third, correlated on physical condition of your home, your home curb appeal is the most important thing. You can do some works to improve appealing of your home exterior. Just to make it beautiful, tidy, and fresh.

Alright, home buyers want your home to be in nice shape.  That’s a given. To get top dollar you will want your home in tip top shape too.  But what can we do to make it a little more insane?  Can we add something that may benefit the house?  We could do that.  But what would be insane and memorable?  I know let’s build some kind of volcano in the back yard.  You think anyone will forget that?  I do not think so.  And yes it has to be functional.  Imagine the look on a buyers face when they check out the back yard and see a functional volcano spewing lava.  That’s just insane.

Fourth, get your buyer in the right mood by creating a cozy environment in your home. What do I mean by “cozy environment”?  Very important is fresh air, clean environment, fresh odor, and make the buyer feel all warm and cuddly inside.

That’s what 99% of home sellers do.  Let’s be different and insane.  Do you have any ideas?

Why not decorate the place a little different.   Now this may be a little over the top, I am going to warn you only try this if you are truly Insane.  Why not make your house like a tropical paradise inside.  I am in a tropical mood right now.  Get palm trees all over the house, get decorations all over the house.   Why not just try it, what do you have to lose?  Oh your buyer.  There are hundreds of them out there.

Fifth, good presentation of your home selling can add great value to attract a buyer. Know your entire home and its contents, and present it to your buyer. Tell them how sweet your home is, how much you love it, your experience in your home, the great moments you have passed by etc. Just be a familiar and friendly seller that can give much impression to your buyer.

I agree what that who statement, somewhat.  Now let’s ad our little twist.  When buyers come over let’s give them a lay.  No not that kind of lay, sicko.  I mean a lay like you would get when going to Hawaii.  Let’s give the buyers an experience they will never forget.  Dress up in Hawaiian Shirts, play one of those letter guitars, what are they called?  Make your buyers feel like they are on vacation.   That is great, they will never forget you.

It felt really good to let your imagination run didn’t it?  All of these ideas are a little crazy but believe me; the buyers will be talking about you for a long time.  There is no way they can forget some of the insane stuff you did.   Now take what I said use my ideas, or come up with some of your own.  Try them out; you could have lots more fun selling your home.

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