House Flipping Check List

Your about to learn why having a check list could save you thousands of dollars on all your real estate flips.   Wither  you are wholesaling, fixing and flipping or doing short sales you need to have a check list.  There are several different types of check list you can have.    There are check list for repair cost estimates, and Check list to make sure you are doing everything you need to be doing to keep you on the right track.

In this short article I will be talking to you about repair cost check lists.  No matter what you are doing you need to know what a house remodel is going to take.    Having a simple check list will help you to determine what needs to be done.

Knowing what it will cost to renovate your project before you purchase it is incredibly important, because therein lays your ability to estimate your potential profit or loss. But arriving at an accurate estimate is nearly impossible because you simply cannot control so many of the variables involved. Will you discover hidden damage? Will the cost of materials or labor…

Below is a House Flipping Check List.

Street Address:______________________________

Inspection Checklist
Units No Repair Cost Calculations Repair Cost
1. Need a roof?

Average around $7,000
1 Layer of Shingles Added: $ 2,500-$3000

2. Exterior Paint / Siding?
Paint: Sing. Fam 1500 sq ft: $3,000
Siding (Single 1500 sqft):$ 7,000
3. Need Windows?

# of Window x $150
4. Garage Need Repair?
1 Garage Door: $550 1 Reframe Structure: $1,500
1 Car Paint: $500 2 Car Paint:$1000 Roof New: $2,000

5. Yard cleaned or landscaped?
Clean Yard (Easy):$250 Clean Yard (Hard):$750
Landscape (Easy):$500 Landscape (Hard):$1,000
6. Heating or furnaces need replacing?
Replace 1 Furnace: $ 1,500
Replace 1 Hot Water Heater: $ 600
Install 1 Zone Baseboard Heater Gut Job: $4,500 per unit
7. Plumbing need repair?
Plumbing: $ 2,500 per floor(new bathroom & kitchen fixturs incl)
8. Electrical Need Repair?
1 New Panel: $1,500 1 Floor Fixtures: $200
1 New Service, Panel, Rewire House: $4,000 per floor
9. Foundation need repair?
10. Basement need repair?

Reframe 1 Support Beam: $300
Seal Basement: $ 250 Pour Concrete Floor: $800(5yrds)
Replace Stairwell: $1000 Jack 1 Support Beam: $200
11. Need interior paint?
Interior Paint: $1.5- 2 a sq. ft. as a general rule
Single Family: 1500 sq. ft $2500 3 Family 3000 sq ft: $4,500
12. House need carpet?
13. House need tile / vinyl?
14. Floors need to be sanded? Single Family: $1,200 3 Family: $2,000
1 Unit Carpet (500 sq ft): $500 Carpet Rule:Sq ft. / 9 x $10=Cost
1 Kitchen Vinyl tiles (10×10) = $700
Hardwood Install = $7.00 sq/ft Sand & Refinish= $2.75sq/ft
13. Unit 1 kitchen need repair?
14. Unit 2 kitchen need repair?
15. Unit 3 kitchen need repair? Single Family Rental: $2,000 3 Fam. Rental: $6,000
Single Family Owner: $3,500 3 Fam. Owner: $7,500
Single Family Nice: $4,000

17. Kitchens need appliances?
1 Stove: $350 1 Refrigerator: $500
1 Overhead Microwave: $200 1 Dishwasher: $250
18. Unit 1 bath need repair?
19. Unit 2 bath need repair?
20. Unit 3 bath need repair?

1 Unit Redone Completely Full Bath: $ 1,500
1 Unit Redone Completely Half Bath: $ 1,000
1 Unit Change Fixtures Only Full Bath: $ 500
1 Unit Change Fixtures Only Half Bath:$ 350

22. Sheetrock damaged or need replacing?

23. Dumpsters?
24. Decks?
25. Other:___________________________
Dumpsters: $500-600 per dumpster
Single Family Patch: $1,000 in dumpsters 3 Family Gut: $3,500
Decks: 10×10 = $2,000 15×15= $3,000
3 Family w/ fire escape: $5,000
26. Miscellaneous
Repair Cost x .05


Total Repair Cost:

Once you tally up everything that needs to be completed/ repaired you can contact a local contractor or go to Lowes and have them help you determine all the prices.

I listed a few of the prices/averages I have come across.  This is what I use to help determine my Rehab cost on a real estate flip.

If you would like more information on real estate investing, flipping houses and estimating repair cost go to



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