How to Find bargain properties–Land and Houses–anywhere in Florida

Heard about the Florida land rush? You will!

Everyday, thousands of people retire and move to Florida. Also, everyday, thousands of people just move to Florida.

There’s a land rush going on … as these new residents are looking for houses to occupy, land to build on, and investment properties to call their own.

You can actually find Florida properties–land and houses–at bargain prices. You can buy it for a low, low price, and resell it to them for a profit.

As a matter of fact, you can buy a house for as little as $2,800 and resell it for $20,000. I did. You can, too.

And no, this is not about buying a house or piece of land and spending $40,000 to make improvements. This is nothing of the sort.

A few years ago, I discovered 3 ways to find land anywhere in Florida, buy it at a bargain price, and resell it for big profits. Doing this has enabled me to work from home. And it is a blast.

But learning how to do this required a year of hard work, poring over records, looking at maps, and asking questions–lots of questions.

Learning how to do this requires steps, so I wrote them all down. Eventually, as people asked me how I did this and I was overwhelmed with explaining the procedure, I wrote the steps down into a book.

Thankfully, my sister Kelly has a masters in English-Literature, and she edited the book for me. You can buy the book and learn how to do what I do.

A few months ago, I finished a 57-page book that will show you how to find bargain properties (land and houses) all over Florida, buy them, and resell them for big profits.

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