How to Flip Houses to Bazzillionaires (Million $ Idea)‏

Things are changing In he Real Estate industry..

I’ve waited for a long time to tell you this because
I had to be totally sure that what I thought was
happening was really happening. But now I am
absolutely positive.

Real estate investing, as you know it, … is dying.

Buying and selling houses for profit, once the fastest
and easiest way out of the rat race for the Average Joe,
is mere moments away from “meeting it’s Maker” so
to speak.

This is so important, so critical, and so imminent that,
not only have we put out a nationwide video press release,
but we will also be hosting live webinars tonight and
tomorrow to explain the situation in detail and go over
what I and all my industry friends are doing about it.

How would you like to make $5,000 to $20,000 finders

fees for doing nothing more than finding barely-below

retail priced houses and referring them to Wall Street

billionaires who are in your city right this second looking

to buy as many as banksterly possible?

Sound fun?

Good.  Because pretty soon, this will be the ONLY way

to make money in real estate.


Watch this Video NOW!

This is not hype. This is not a game. And this is not a
joke. I don’t care if you’re an experienced real estate
investor or not. There will be people in attendance on
these webinars who are flipping 40 houses a month, own
thousands of rental properties, flip bulk REO’s, and own
commerical properties all over the country.

This is an official State of the Union address for our

If you are even thinking about getting into real estate or
ramping up your current “I Buy Houses” business in 2013,
you need to attend one of these webinars. I’ll be as quick
as possible and straight to the point, but there’s a lot to
cover so be prepared to take some notes and give me at
least an hour of your time.

Here’s a few things I’ll be going over …

* Who Is Moving Our Cheese – And How To Murder The
Mover (Metaphorically Speaking)

* Why The Real Estate Market Is Mysteriously Improving …
Without Any Retail Buyers – And Why This Spells D-O-O-M
To Mom-And-Pop Real Estate Wholesalers (a.k.a. “You”)

* How 80,000 Houses Just Magically Disappeared Off The
MLS (And Who Is Behind It)

* 90% Of The United State’s Housing Inventory Is Being
Purposefully Kept Off The Market. WHY?

* Why Blackstone Financial Is Buying One Billion Dollars
Worth Of Single Family Homes In My Home Town of Tampa,
FL – And When They’re Coming To YOUR City

* Why Uncle Sam Secretly Hates You And How He Plans To
Put You Out Of Business – By Buying Every Single House In

and most importantly …

* How I’ve Managed To Turn All This Into Good News
For You

Click this link,

watch the video, and pick a date and time that
has available spots left. You’ll get a free accompanying
“survival guide” once you register.

Things are changing, Chris  Luckily for you, we’ve got a
game plan all layed out. Those who adjust their sails with us
will survive and thrive. Those who don’t? Won’t.

Talk soon.

Christopher Seder

p.s. This really does have a happy ending. It always does for
those who stay informed and adapt quickly – key word being

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