How to Sell A House Fast

In today’s real estate market its no longer good enough to just call a local realtor to list your house.  Offers are not coming in like they use to and houses are sitting on the market for 12 months or longer.   If your selling a house you need to be willing to do whatever it takes to get your house sold.  If you are ready to get your home sold fast keep reading.

Research the Market

Market research is very important.  Everyone thinks their home is worth more than it really is.  You need to really know what other houses in the area have sold for and what other houses are listed for on the market now.

Call up 3 realtors and ask each of them to prepare a CMA (comparative market analysis) for your property.  And have them give you a list price that they think would be appropriate.  You also have to understand that for a quick sale of your house you have to price it right.

Prepare to Dazzle Buyers

There is several ways to make your home stand out without spending a lot of money.  It is important your house is in Selling condition.

  • Paint the house with neutral colors
  • Clean and then clean some more
  • Finish any projects that have been put off
  • Clean Tile
  • Cut the Lawn, do some minor land scaping
  • Remove any unnecessary items from your house.
  • Have the house smelling nicely

Selling Price

Lets talk a little more about price.  You should have already done some research and got your CMA’s from realtors.  If you do not price your house competitively it will not sell fast.  Even if your home is way better, people seem to care more about getting a good deal.

Hire a Realtor

Selling your house by your self is just crazy in todays market.  Realtors have the ability to get your house in front of thousands of people.  If your home is not marketed correctly then it will not sell.   So always make sure you are careful when choosing a realtor.

A couple important things all realtors you are working with must have is a good Internet marketing plan and search ranking.  They also need to be MLS members.

According to the national association of realtors 89% of buyers are starting their search online.  So if your realtors site is the first place that buyer looks, then you know that your house is getting lots of exposure.

MLS is also very important because it allows other realtors who may have buyers looking for a house like yours, to find your house quickly.

Get Involved in the Selling Process

Do not just leave everything up to your realtor.  Most realtors have several houses they are trying to sell and our pretty busy.   So it is your job to help out.   Here are some simple things you can do to help out.

  • Post ads on Craigslist and give your agents contract details
  • Post your house on any free internet sites
  • Post Flyers at Local gas Stations and anywhere a sign can be posted
  • Put up For Sale Signs all around your neighborhood.

Following these simple steps will help you get your house sold faster.   The key is to let everyone in your community know that you have a house for sale.  If you can do that you will have no problem getting your house sold.

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