In Defense of Real Estate Agents

In Defense of Real Estate Agents
The right real estate agent, possessing a winning combination of experience and good
communication skills, and will keep you out of harm’s way so you’ll avoid these time and money
1) Pricing Your Home by Your Emotions, Not Reality
The right agent will price your home based on facts to make sure it sells quickly and for top
dollar. With your home’s plusses and minuses identified from a buyers perspective,
your agent will make a pricing recommendation. It will be based on what comparable homes have
sold for recently in your neighborhood plus how many days current comparable properties
have been for sale. It is not unheard of for an agent to decline a listing if the seller’s price
expectations are unrealistic. Offering financing to prospective buyers also will make your home
stand out among the other available properties for buyers to choose from.
2) Not Properly Preparing Your Home Before the First Showings
You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Lots of buyers will see your home the
first week it’s on the market, as buyers eagerly await new listings. By also offering financing
options to potential buyers, you create additional interest in your property over another. Your
agent will advise you which pre-sale improvements are worthy investments and help make sure
you’re home is ready for its first showing.
3) Not Aggressively Scrutinizing Buyers for Qualifications
Great! An offer has come in! But beware of potential deal-breakers an experienced agent can spot
a mile away– the buyer who hasn’t been pre-approved; clauses written-in as an easy out for the
buyer; services normally paid by the buyer being requested of you. A good agent will
aggressively scrutinize buyers up front, shielding you from wasted time, energy, and emotions.
4) Not Being Mentally Prepared for the Give-and-Take of Negotiations
Selling a home is a very emotional experience and the right agent will manage your expectations
at every step. For instance, it’s easy to feel insulted by a buyer’s low offer,
and tempting to hurl back a flat “NO!”. However, often the low offer is to just get the ball rolling.
A great agent will keep all egos in check and work towards a win-win situation.
5) Not Having Back-up Plans if Your Home Does Not Sell
The right agent knows the best time to discuss back-up plans is before your home goes on the
market. Take this calmer time to sort out the “what-ifs”– whether you’ll reduce your price
and how low you will or can go. The right agent is also aware of other creative ways to structure
the sale of your home that will make it stand out from the pack. Would you sweeten the deal by
offering to pay for i.e. decorating allowance; 1-year home warranty; or some of the closing costs?
What if you were to market the home by offering owner financing to buyers allowing them to
more easily get into the property and complete the sale before agreeing to a price reduction?

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