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The kit is designed to help you Get started, FIND Real estate deals, your own marketing plan, how Raise Private money (if you need money), and help Guide you on the right track.

Even if you are a veteran real estate investor like me you will learn a few tips and tricks to help your real estate business.

But first, there a couple things I would like to know.  Please scroll down to the bottom of this page and answer the following questions in the comment box…

  1. How much experience do you have in real estate? Are you a beginner, an expert – with 30 deals or more under your belt, or are you somewhere in the middle with less than 15 deals?
  2. The second thing I’d like to know: what is the biggest challenge you face making money in Real Estate? Can you just not get started? Can you not find properties? Do you not have the money?

So again, please scroll down to answer my questions – post a question or comment of your own -I want to help as many people as possible Conquore what is holding them back, I am going to try and answer all of the questions I can over the next few weeks.

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  1. hi i am a complete newbe so have a number of issues no capital some fear of failing but i know with your guidence and putting in the work these problems will be resolved my road map as a starter is to concentrate on learning wholesale flipping contracts when i begin to make profits use that money to reinvest into the other aspects of real estate for the bigger profits thank you joann

  2. Dorian

    #1) Total beginner.

    #2) I think that I can’t get started because I don’t have money.

  3. REN

    new beginner, have read and viewed many different courses…never the exact or all the information is ever included…always some bit left to the imagination…thinking now to look for someone within the area… also like the information you have given thus far.wanting to give it a go with the knowledge i have seen you provide .. ready to jump in there hit the ground running if possible, with persistance and determination, also to work it from a distance if i can. i have Minimal funding and money.

  4. Rod Spain

    I have no experience whatsoever.

    As far as challenges…I really dont have any. I do have some money to invest. Mostly interested in your wholesaling/coaching.

  5. Rod Spain

    I gave you the wrong web site earlier.

    I am a newbie but want to get into this business

    I have some money to buy marketing.

    This biggest problem is not knowing anything

  6. Charles Trost

    I’m a beginner, green, green, green. However, I’ve owned a construction business for many years. I’ve fallen into two great real estate deals in life and it was pure luck. Because of an accident I had some outrageous medical bills that hurt my credit and I’m working on that right now. So yes I need a source of funding. I’m just jumping in to finding properties so I can at least be out there. I’ve found four good home deals and one great apartment deal. Here’s what I want to do: wholesale houses and find small to medium apartments and either flip the contract or rehab and re-position for future sale. I have a good understand of residential and commercial construction and I can estimate anything. For me, I believe the big money is in apartments. I live in the Ft Worth/Dallas area and houses are moving as soon as they are listed. The wholesale and rehab market here is on fire. I WANT TO LEARN THIS BUSINESS.

  7. Ivanna

    I’m a total beginner and don’t think I have the money to get started

  8. Kenneth

    I have 40 years of investment /rental property experience, and have a lot of equity in the San Francisco Bay Area, but need to transition out of property management into some 15%- 20% mail box money investments.

    What is probably somewhat unusual, I want to work within a long term non profit structure. I am deeply committed to ecological sustainability, and want to set up high return investments for habitat preservation. I also want to learn the skills needed to find and buy 20% return, seller financed, owner occupied houses. I would like to do perhaps $10,000,000 of these investments, and might do much more if I could find the right houses.

    My biggest challenge is getting my rental properties rehabbed and converted for sale in the East Bay.

  9. Terrence Kitchens II

    I am a beginner, with zero seals under my belt. I have started from the ground up, and everything I’ve learned, I’ve sought out myself. I’m not in a position to be able to spend money learning, so I am determined to learn everything I need to know without spending anything. I know a very good part of what I need to know, but my biggest struggle is not having the earnest money to get started.

  10. Pearl Studer

    No experience