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At the Loan Modification Help Center in Billings Montana, we do our best to supply homeowners with the kinds of information that will help them stay in their homes.  If you find yourself in a perilous financial situation, such as receiving a foreclosure notice in the mail, then a loan modification expert might just be your best friend.  Loan modification expert can walk you through the loan modification process, as well as discuss your specific situation and all of the options open to you.  They can also inform you about such things as Investors, short sales and other potential options which may not be in your best interest.

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Below are some tips that can help homeowners qualify for a loan modification:

Cut down on utility use – While applying for a loan modification, you will need to have a chunk of money saved up to make your initial payment.  Cutting down on utility bills such as electricity, water and heat can help you save up money to make that initial payment.

Contribute less to your retirement or savings account – While it is always important to save for your retirement, if you are about to lose your house, it is an all funds on deck type of situation.  Cutting back on retirement and/or savings can provide a boost to your monthly income.

Reduce your personal withholding taxes – See if you are having too much money withheld from your paychecks.  You can use this money to boost your monthly income and help make mortgage payments.

Yard Sale! – Most people have far too many personal items in their home that they never use.  You can make extra money by selling items throughout your house that have no purpose.  Extra clothes, athletic equipment, appliances, tools and other items that may have outlived their usefulness could bring in some much needed extra income.  Plus, this gives you the added bonus of helping you clean your home.

Keep an eye on your purchases – If you meet with a Billings Montana loan modification expert, he or she will most likely urge you to cut back on your expenditures, including what you buy.  Try to buy clothes at discount clothing outlets and try comparing prices before buying groceries and other goods.

Let it grow – your hair that is – One of the habits that caused people to get into financial distress was becoming accustomed to regular pampering.  Monthly trips to the hair salon become twice monthly trips; birthday spa visits became Saturday spa visits; and so on.  Try cutting back on unnecessary salon visits and other amenities.  If you aren’t quite sure where you can cut back, sit down with a loan modification company and see if they notice any areas of your budget that could use a trim.

Overall, these suggestions and tips are designed to help free up income and make your Billings Montana loan modification easier to achieve.  There are several more tips than these for you and can actually help you get your total financial life in order.

These are difficult times, which mean we have to tighten our belts like our grandparents did and learn to live with a few less luxuries.  Living without these luxuries can help you keep your home, avoid foreclosure and enjoy the benefits of a loan modification.

For more information on how you can get a loan modification done in Billings Montana contact Big Sky Property Solutions LLC, CLICK HERE.

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