Marketing: The Simple Things

Marketing real estate has become an industry unto itself. Essentially marketing has become the most important aspect of selling a home as the internet has become the most valuable selling tool an agent has. So often homes are seen initially online, many times opinions are made or broken at this stage. However there is a world of more traditional marketing strategies that should not be ignored. It has been shown that these secondary marketing tactics are sometimes the most decisive factor in determining a sale.

One aspect that is commonly neglected is the flyer box that resides on some agent signs. This is one of the most important aspects of the sale as it requires a presence at the residence by both the agent and the prospective buyer. Many buyers will spend hours simply driving around and looking at homes from their cars. It’s a guarantee that is there is a flyer box, they will get out and grab one. This is a vital step as having a tangible detailed info pack on a home will ensure that your home is remembered. It also gives a buyer all the necessary information to further their investigation of your home.

Another important aspect of the sale is the open house, although not for the reasons that you may think. Open houses are a great tool for marketing homes to other buyer’s agents. Agents who all have clients looking for homes. Typically homes do not sell from people who view an open house. It is a situation of shoot and miss with what your home offers matching with the viewer’s needs. Additionally many lookers at an open house are simply that, lookers. That being said, the open house still holds vital importance as exposure of any positive kind is imperative in selling a home.

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