Network Your Way to The Top

Network Your Way to the Top

So you want to get started in real estate investing.   What do you need to be successful?  The goal is to be getting in a hundred leads a month which will amount to around 2 to 3 deals.  You want Billboards, Commercials, and mass mailers going to everyone in town.   So what is the problem?

Oh you only have $290 a month available for marketing and a book of stamps.  What do you do when you have a champagne taste on a malt liquor budget?

You must start slow and work your way up to where you want to be.  Where you are right now is BROKE, just admit it.   Let that motivate you to want it more.  Its comfortable to be broke isn’t it, just having enough to pay the Bills, and you’re scared to getting up and change it. All your excuses for not changing are actually you just being scared. If you stay in that comfortable little box you live in, you can never truly grow.

Does this sound like you?  It’s ok to admit it; no one is judging you and who cares if they do.

To get out of this rut you are in you need to become a networking machine.  You need to start networking so consistently and constantly that you literally hand out 56 business cards to imaginary people in your dreams at night.

I know what you are thinking, that does not sound fun.  Well how fun is being Broke? Would you rather get out of your comfort zone and grow or stay Broke.  Your answer will determine whether or not you get off your lazy butt and do something great with your life.  It does not matter if real estate is not what you want to do, this applies to anything.

Believe me success does not come over night.  You have to pay your dues.  In real estate investing your entire community needs to know that you buy houses and close fast.  They need to know that you are the “Go To” person when someone needs their home sold quickly.

So how do you accomplish this feat?

Are you willing to work?  How willing are you to put in 10 to 15 hour days to really get this thing off the ground?  Do you doubt yourself right about now? Or are you one of those rare souls who actually will make something happen in this world?

Get out there and make some friends.  To be successful you have to hand your card out to everyone.  Make sure you have cards for your real estate business made up.  And not cheap ones get some good cards that stand out and let people know what you do.

Believe me when I tell you for some people this can be one of the biggest challenges ever.  I don’t enjoy meeting new people; I would rather just sit at home.  It’s a lot easier to just sit at home and play the play station all day long. But I realized that if I want to become successful, I need to put new habits in place and get out of my comfort zone.

It’s really not as hard as you think.  It will take practice and trial and error, to get it down.  I just ask everyone I meet, even at subway, if they know of anyone’s house I can buy.  Sounds simple doesn’t it.   Make yourself up a few little pitches to people and practice them.  Then go out and do it.  You will chicken out a few times; I have chickened out 50 times in a row.  I will tell you not one person has ever not taken my card.  Some give me a weird look at first but everyone has took my card and said they would let me know if they ever hear of anyone who is looking to sell fast.

Until you have a large bank account for big time marketing, you have to network your way to the top.  I would rather die doing something than live doing nothing.

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