For the First Time Ever: Christopher Seder has stuffed all of his Million Dollar Real Estate Investing Strategies into an Easy to Follow BOOK!

How Would You like to Fire your BOSS?

Your About to Join the thousands around the Country Quietly making Millions Flipping Houses!

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  • WITHOUT using any money or credit
  • WITHOUT any risk whatsoever
  • WITHOUT any experience needed
  • WITHOUT any manual labor (I’m the laziest guy you’ll ever meet)

If you’re like many who think you need a lot of money or experience to get starred in real estate investing… think again.

If you’re NOT creating financial Freedom through real estate investing than you are in for a wake up call.


You’re about to learn  my secret to how I go about Flipping several houses every single month without fail each and every month. Not every year … every MONTH.

Just enter your name and email address in the form to the right, and I’ll show you exactly how I do it.

Why am I doing all this?

Because I love Helping People become financially FREE.

Plus I’m sick of hearing people say, “Real Estate Investing is FAKE”


From: Christopher Seder
RE: The NEXT Real Estate Millionaire!

Hi, My Name Is Christopher Seder and I want to tell you a Quick story about how you I went from “Broke as a Joke” to becoming Financially FREE, and I’m going to give you my #1 secret for becoming financially FREE with real estate investing.

Imagine just for one second if you could take a few dollars (spare change), and Turn it into $7,000 in about 4 hours.

wholesale check 7,350

Would a Check like that Help Your Situation?

Well checks like these are a reality to me and my students (new & old).   My Students are using my system  with great success.

In case you dont know me.  I am currently the Vice President of a well known real estate investing company.

I flip houses all over the United States from the comfort of my laptop

I have students all over the country doing the exact same thing.
My students and I do this without spending a dime of our own money.

Take a look at these recent checks

all checks

$77,000 check red lodge edited


73,000 check

The Good NEWs……….

You Can cash checks like these too!

I was not always the real estate master I am today.    I use to be stuck working in a DEAD end job I hated.    Working for a company that consistently CUT my pay.   The only time this company even cared to acknowledge me was when I had messed up.

I completely hated everything about my JOB!    I felt like I was trapped, and had no place to go.   I didn’t know there was a better way to live……

For months and months I had been trying to get out of the RAT RACE and figure out this thing called real estate investing.    I was so frustrated trying to get started that I almost quit.

But THEN…..

I discovered  everything I was doing to build a real estate investing business was DEAD Wrong!

From that day I discovered I was spending 90% of my time working on things that would not actually produce real estate deals and MONEY!   After I discovered this and changed everything I soon quit my job and was rich in less than 5 months….

It was not long after I had my break through that people started to notice my real estate investing business.  They soon came to realize that I was the go to guy for everything real estate investing in my area.

Every single day My phone rings with people asking for my help with their real estate investing business.   They want to know the Secrets that make my real estate business a HUGE success.

I was tired of repeating myself over and over again that I decided to put everything into a simple BOOK that clearly lays out everything I do in my real estate investing business.

real estate no bs copy

Here is what a few people say about my Book!

We have read and put into action the concepts and techniques that Chris teaches.  We are well on our way to our first deal and our business is gaining momentum everyday.  THis book is easy to understand and leaves nothing out.  Thanks for all of your help!

-Richard and Cindy

This book is a pragmaic, down-to-earth approach to real estate investment. Unlike other real estate books that speak in generalities, this book gives specific ecample sand step-by-step instructions to achieve wealth in the real estate market.  I highly Reccommend it, especially if you are new to real estate investment.

-Paul E

No Fluff, clear to understand, and straight to the point.  If you want to learn the actual Action Steps you need to be successful then this is a book for you.  Free yourself!  I would recommend this book to the beginner, amateur or expert real estate Investor.

-Bob Strick

I received the book and it was amazing you had me laughing, at some statements..  Overall I learned a lot; even my way of thinking has changed.. Thanks for the info..!

-Doryal P

These are just a few of the many testimonials I have received from my Real Estate Flipping Riches, The ultimate no b.s. kick butt guide to real estate investing for the average joe book.

  • You will learn real life, easy to follow advice, guidance and advise from an Average JOE that has been in your shoes.
  • Kick BUTT Marketing Strategies
  • FREE bonus chapters that contain never before revealed secrets.

Here are just a few of the Amazing things you will learn inside my Real Estate Flipping Riches The Ultimate No B.S. Kick Butt Guide to Real Estate Investing for the Average JOE book.

Introduction How to Get Stated even if you are Dead A%# Broke!
Learn the NO B.S. Best way to get started in real estate investing with no money.  This is how even BROKE real estate investors are able to create massive amounts of wealth in real estate investing.

Learn the # 1 Secret to real estate investing success!
How to Develop the Mind of a Millionaire Real Estate Investor! If you want to WIN in real estate investing you have to first train your Brain for success.

My Top Secret Method for Flipping house a house Doing only 4 Hours of Work!
Anyone can use this simple 3 step formula to have massive success in real estate.

Know EXACTLY what to offer every time to ensure you make the profits you want.
This is one of the most difficult skills to develop. It took me over a year to finally get this right. I paid the dues & learned the hard lessons so you don’t have to!

How to Have Motivated Hungry Sellers Calling YOU wanting to give you their house.
I reveal with you the super secret marketing methods I am currently using to dominate my real estate market and have my competitors shaking in their boots!

Key Ways to Build Your “Buyers List” FAST!
I am going to show you how to have CA$H buyers begging you to give them cheap houses.

How to Cash HUGE $153,000 checks (this is where the big money is made)
Have you ever wondered how the people on house flipping shows are able to cash huge checks?  Well they read my book for one (some have).  I am going to show you how experts can flip houses and make HUGE profits!

And Much more……….

real estate no bs copy

If you are a NEW or Experienced Real Estate Investor, you NEED to grab a copy of by book!

Just enter your NAME and EMAIL address in the field to the right and you’ll see it for yourself.

Talk soon,
Christopher Seder


p.s. Remember I am giving away a FREE real estate investing video course!


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