Your Questions Answered!

How quickly can I start making money in your program?

The answer to that question is within thirty days. You will be given the mental, emotional and wholesale real estate tools to begin flipping houses in your first month. However, this business, with any business, takes a unique commitment, passion and perseverance to be successful. I can give you all of the knowledge and motivation you need. But, I can’t come to your city and put out your bandit signs, or set up your direct mail campaign. You need to put action behind my teaching.

Can I do this part time while I work my job?

Absolutely. That’s how I got started. And, how most of my students start out. You must treat your new business seriously. It can’t be a hobby. But, as long as you are commited to succeeding, and put 100% of your effort and focus into your business when you are working on it, then you will see results.

Is this the right time to get into wholesaling?

Yes! Look, if you were going to invest in realtor school, or borrow money to build a spec house, I’d advise you to hold off. But, wholesaling is recession-proof because we are offering houses at roughly half their retail value.

I’m not very good with people, and I can’t sell. Can I still flip houses?

Definitely. Though I think that you will open up to people and selling once you see how fun this business is, it is certainly not a pre-requisite. I’ve known some of the most successful, yet unpleasant and rough around the endges, house flippers around. Bottom line, if you have the desire, and your beliefs are in alignment with your desires (no limiting or negative beliefs that work against you), then you can accomplish anything.

I’ve been burned by so-called coaching programs in the past. How is yours different?

I can’t tell you how I’m different without knowing who you were with prior. However, I can tell you that my program is exactly how it’s billed: personal, direct, hands-on and one-on-one. I coach everyone personally.  And if it were any less, I would lack credibility, and thus, would not be in business very long. Coaching is my passion and purpose. So I stand behind my program, and my results.

What is the fine print? Any hidden fees?

There is no fine print, and also no hidden fees. Every financial investment on your part is detailed in your phone interview.

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