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Preston Ely Recently Release a Web site called, this website is designed to be the most comprehensive real estate investing education site around.  The site is designed for new and experienced real estate investors to network and share ideas.    Its an all inclusive site, that has networking, deals, and a ton of education.

If you would like more info about check out their new up and coming webinar where they are going to reveal some HUGE changes in the real estate market that are going to affect everyone business.

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If you want some of the best real estate investing education that covers every aspect of real estate investing I highly recommend that you check out Preston Elys real estate mogul.

Here is What you will learn and receive with

  • The Learn Module for on-demand access to the step-by-step real estate investing lessons you need to succeed today
  • The Interact Module for access to our team plus thousands of other active investors
  • The Deal-Making Module for all the buyers, sellers, lenders, & partners you’ll ever need
  • Your own Mogul Profile Page to act as your virtual business card
  • The Daily “Mogul Insider” e-Newsletter for real-time tips, tricks, & updates
  • The “101 Guide” to Real Estate Investing to provide the blueprint to your first (or next) deal
  • Premium Passive Cashflow Deals for hands-free $200-$850/month rent checks
  • On-Demand Deal Funding for instant access to hundreds of private & hard money lenders
  • LIVE Bi-Weekly Mentoring Calls for expert advice & answers to all your questions
  • The Mogul Publishing Program for your chance to be the expert and receive $50-$500 “quick hits” of cash
  • An Instant Internet Marketing Cashflow Stream to provide a “safety net” during your inevitable down months in real estate

Why do you want to learn from Preston ELY?

Preston Ely is an anomaly, just like everyone else. But different. He sits on the board of Real Freedom Properties, Inc, a Florida-based real estate investment firm, is General Partner of Freedom$oft LLLP, a mid-sized global software company, is CEO of Real Freedom, Inc, one of the most influential internet-based information publishers in the world, owns the largest Anytime Fitness Gym in the United States, is recording a music album with Atlantic Records, competes in amateur Mixed Martial Arts, and has a non-profit charity assisting the poor and oppressed in Cuba with both their physical and spiritual needs.

He’s published several best selling books including Flip Your Way to Financial Freedom, Instant Probate Profits, and The New Rich Manifesto, along with a multitude of home study courses, and membership sites. He also coaches and consults people all across the country in an effort to help them achieve true, holistic, and lasting wealth and freedom.

Preston has won 2 Emmy awards and 1 Silver Telly award for his production of the widely acclaimed Jacob’s Turn documentary. He was voted as one of Fast Company Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People Online.” And Inc. Magazine named his company one of the “Fastest Growing Companies” in 2012.

With over 300,000 subscribers to his email newsletter, he is rapidly fulfilling his mission on earth which is to glorify God by setting people physically, mentally, financially, and spiritually free through his music and his message … of FREEDOM. Preston is 36 years old, lives in Tampa, FL with his wife Ashley, where he spends most of his time reading, writing, and mentoring local boys and men.

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