Rehabbbing Houses for Profit -The Fix and Flip

By Christopher Seder

Has the fix and flip model gone away?  Absolutely not! There is huge money to be made from buying distressed houses, fixing them up and selling them to investors or end users.

I have a lot of new real estate investors ask me everyday are you still fixing and flipping houses?  The answer is yes.

When buying a house for a fix and flip you have to determine which exit plan you’re going to take prior to acquisition:

1. Fix and Flip to a Investor – would this house make a good rental property?

2. Fix and Flip to a Owner Occupied – is the house a good first time home buyer house?

Here is a Case Study about a fix and flip we recently Completed.

Lockwood Fix and Flip






Purchase Price of $100,000

Below is a Video of before.

We Put around $22,000 into the property.

  • Paint
  • Carpet
  • Appliances
  • Installed a Bathroom
  • Finished Basement
  • and More….

P.S. We saved around $2,500 on this project by using 10% lowes coupons you can get at your local post office inside change of address paperwork.  You can take these packages for free.  Start using them.

We sold the Property to a first time home buyer for $159,900. 

After we paid closing cost and helped the first time home buyer with his down payment we profited around $32,000.

Fixing and flipping houses can be a very complicated process.  If you would like to learn how you can easily profit $32,000 extra you need to watch this NEW video.


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