Seven Requirements for a Successful Business in Real Estate Investing

Seven Requirements for a Successful Business in Real Estate Investing

By Christopher Seder

Professional Sales Ability

Even in real estate investing you are always selling.  You are selling yourself, your business, and benefits of working with you and so on.   Become a student of the past masters of sales.   Learn how to explain what you do and what service you provide and you have it made.  Sales are a huge part of the real estate business.  Read some of Zig Ziglars books on seller and anything you can find.


Don’t let obstacles and setbacks top you from achieving great things.  Remember every business has its cycles.  This helps eliminate the “dead wood”.  You have to stick to what you are doing and know that success is just around the corner.  Everyone has to go through a testing or dues paying period.  This is where you have to struggle and struggle and at a certain point everything will come together and you persistence will pay off.  It happens to a lot of real estate investors and the ones who don’t give up can have phenomenal success.

Master Real Estate Knowledge

You need to become an expert in the niche of real estate you are going after.  I also recommend having a good knowledge in all aspects of real estate investing.  Look for investors who are having great success in your niche and learn all about what they are doing.  If you want to learn wholesaling go to Preston Ely or Than Merrill.  Want to learn short sales go to Nathan Jurewicz the short sale kid or Pat Prescot.  If you want to learn rehabbing learn from the fortune builders team.  They have someone the best information on the market about rehabbing.  Always learn from people who are currently doing it, not someone whose information is 20 years old.

Be Creative

This one requirement will make you go to the head of the class.  Most people in real estate investing are brain dead and cannot come up with a creative thought to save their life.  You can be both an analytical thinker (left brain) and Creative thinker (right brain), it just takes practice.  Incredible things happen when both sides of the brain work together.  If you are doing the same old boring marketing that others are doing then you will not be in business long.  You need to think of new ways to improve the old marketing and new ways.

Work Hard

Most people fail in their business endeavors because they just do not want to be there and put in a good days work.  Work hard and the rest will come.  If you want to get into full time investing believe me you have to put in the long hours and pay your dues.  You have to be working 8-10 hour days in the beginning.  Yes 10 hours a day, once the business is up and going you will want to eventually cut back on that by having others do simple work for you and eventually position yourself out  of the business, so you can work on your business and not in it.

Positive Attitude

Expect to succeed and you will.  Look at the positive side of every situation.  If you are a positive person it shows and people gravitate towards you.  If you are negative it also shows and people steer clear from you.  Working on your attitude I feel is the biggest key to success.  I recommend learning all you can about having a positive attitude.  Ready the millionaire mind, it will change the way you think in a lot of areas of your life.

Negotiating and Persuading

Once you master the art of gentle persuasion, no one can stop you.  Negotiating is a huge element of our business.  Becoming a rock star negotiator can save you millions of dollars over the life time of your business.  Study up on negotiating and just get yourself comfortable doing it.

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