Simple Steps to getting More leading using Online Ninja Tricks

Do you realize 87% of sellers look for the solution online?

By Christopher Seder

So what do you want to know about internet marketing?  There are so many things that I could talk about, Blogging, YouTube, Creating Articles, Distributing you content, Social Media, Online Classifieds, just to Name a few.

All of these are necessary for you to become a rock star internet marketer.  And all of them take time.  Not everyone has the time to do everything that needs to be done on a consistent basis.  So what can you do that will not take very much time out of your busy, day?

There is away to only spend around an hour a week and get tons of leads?  What is that?  Its putting up Classified Ads on all the free online sites.  Some weeks I spend an hour and other I spend 5 hours.  I did go a little crazy one day and posted an ad on over 50 classified sites.  Ya, it was a lot of work.   You do not need that many.   So what are the top 3 classified sites you can be posting on?

  • – The Big Daddy
  • – Easy to Use
  • – Ebay’s free Classified site

These sites I feel are the three easiest and best.  They also rank well with search engines and sometime you can find you ad on the first page of Google.  In Montana the only site that I have found that gets a lot of traffic is  If you have not used you are missing out.   You can sell things, buy anything, find a job and even find a date on there.  Check I out.

You should always be posting any properties you have for rent, for sale and ads that you are looking for properties.  I seem to get at least a few calls a week from my Looking for houses post on

Do NOT Be Like the Rest

Now that you know where to post, I am going to give you a little secret that no one else knows. Or at least no one else does.   Have you noticed that every single ad on these sites looks exactly the same?  3/2 house good neighborhood, 2 bed 1 Bath house in Billings, 3 br Affordable home and so on.

All of these ads look the same, and most will just get skipped over.  What you want to do is make your ad catch reader’s eye.  When they see the title, they will become intrigued and want to check it out.

Use headlines that you feel a little ashamed about posting.  That’s when you know you have a great headline.  Something like Take this Cheap Ass house Please, or Huge Crack House Practically Free.  Those are just examples, I am sure you can come up with something way better.

I know I would click on those titles.  Would You?  Just look at the other headlines people have and do the opposite.

Get the Book “Hypnotic Writing” by Joe Vitale.  It’s the best book I have found for writing sales letters and letters that catch the eye.

As for the content you have in your classified Just have some kind of opening that makes the readers want to read more.  Always talk to them, and let them know what is in it for them.  They could care less who you are our about you.

Also remember to include a phone number or What I prefer a link to your web page.

Post your ad’s now, and get all those leads coming in.  Take Action Now and Make it Happen.

Check out for more articles and my e-book

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