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The best place to start when you are investing in real estate is to learn and learn then learn some more. Learning everything you can about investing can help avoid problems down the road. Buying real estate is a major decision and it would stand to reason that it should be a well researched decision. I have seen investors that wanted to get into the business quickly make terrible decisions. Most of the time they over pay because they want to get into the game right away. I understand the feeling that if you do not get a property quickly you are losing money. Let me say that there are many deals out there and there is always a new deal right around the corner.

The first thing I would learn about if I were starting over today would be everything that I could by reading everything that I could find. Rss feeds are a great way to get new thought provoking topics and articles that you could research further or just gain the knowledge from the article. The great thing about subscribing to a Rss feed for real estate is that you can be exposed to so many things that you may not have ever thought of on your own. I still subscribe to many feeds on real estate after 18 years investing. Sometimes I read something new and other times a article may just get me thinking about something. Either way it is a win for me as a real estate investor.

After reading feeds and other sources of information it will be time to apply your new knowledge and go out on the open market. The biggest tip that I can pass on to you is that there is a limited amount of time in the day and you can’t learn every market in your area. It is better to become a expert in one area than knowing a little in a lot of areas. Most counties have public records on the Internet with sales prices of properties in a area. I used to take a Sunday drive with a list of home sales. There is no substitute for a good drive by to really get the feel for a neighborhood. As a investor any time is a good time to learn. Anything that you learn may end up making you a lot of money in the future.

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