The Big Sky REIA

What is the Big Sky REIA?

The Big Sky REIA  (Real Estate Investors Association) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing real estate investors form the Billings MT area a place to collaborate, network, and learn more about the real estate investing business.

The Big Sky REIA has monthly meetings with guest speakers.  The guest speakers range from other real estate investor/coaches to local experts.   Every month a new speaker comes and talks about something new.  The topics include, wholesaling real estate, protecting your assets, the Billings Market, Insurance, and anything that will help an investor.

The Big Sky REIA meets once a month on the last Thursday of the month.  They Meet at 6:30  a The Learning Center on 119 Maggie Lane in Billings MT.

Big Sky REIA Mission (Straight From the BIG Sky REIA Site)

The mission of the Big Sky REIA is to be the best, most comprehensive resource for education, motivation and networking opportunities for real estate investors in Billings and the surrounding areas.

We aim to help our members make money in real estate the safest and easiest ways possible. There’s so much knowledge and expertise available, why reinvent the wheel? We bring experts who will hopefully help all of us prevent avoidable and costly mistakes. Our speakers also highlight areas in our practice where we can use better or different strategies more effectively. Ultimately, we hope by attending BRIC, you become a more competent, educated, and confident investor.

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What is the Cost of the Big Sky REIA?

The Big Sky REIA costs $100 a year for a membership or $20 per meeting for a guest.  With that membership you also get great discounts to several local retailers and membership the national real estate investors club.  There is also access to educational classes and material.

What do I like about the Big Sky REIA?

The best thing about the Big Sky REIA is that everyone at the meetings has a common goal.  They want to learn more about real estate investing and how to become financially free.  Its just a great group of individuals.

Most of the investors who attend the meetings will share tips and tricks and help out new investors.

If you are a new Investor in the Billings Montana area I highly recommend checking out the Big Sky REIA.

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