The Case Against ” Joining your Local REIA”

Why do I need to make a case against joining your local REIA?  I have come to realize that if too many people start to actually utilizing the contacts they make at their local reia. (new investors, experienced investors, wholesalers, land lords, private money lenders)  They will no longer need real estate investing education.  And I have to put an end to that right away,  I am only kidding.    What I am trying to say and make you realize is that a local REIA can be an amazing place to meet people who have vast knowledge of the real estate industry.  There are investors are some REIAs that have completed 1000’s of flips.

If  every real estate investor utilized their local reia to its fullest potential I truly believe that everyone in the reia could easily become very successful.  Way more successful than people who do not use their local REIA.     There is so much knowledge flowing in and out of real estate investors associations you need to take advantage of them.   At my local REIA I will help anyone that asks for help ( I mentor several of the REIA members).

TO find your local investors association is located google REIA and your area.

Why NEW investors NEED to attend.

If you are a new real estate investor there is no doubt you need to join your local REIA.   One of the main reasons is education.  In order to be a successful real estate investor you need to become educated.   One of the best places to meet amazing real estate investing educators is at local reias.    Another great reason is your local reia will be filled with experienced real estate investors who you can learn from.  Take these people out to lunch and ask them questions, find a great mentor who can help you learn the real estate market.

Why Experienced Investors Need to attend. 

There are several reasons why experienced real estate investors need to attend local REIA’s.  Most successful real estate investors know that to continue to be successful they need to always be learning and growing.  Your business can only grow as far as you can.
If you are an experienced real estate investor the local reia is great place to find students and new real estate investors.   NEW real estate investors are great for Property Scouts and are usually willing to work hard while they are learning.   Its a win-win situation for both of you.   The new real estate investor gains knowledge and the experienced real estate investor has someone bringing them deals or helping with marketing or what ever you can think of.

Here are a few of the amazing benefits you can get at your local reia

2. Information
3. Meeting other local investors and learning from their experiences.
4. Education provided
5. Getting referrals for service providers and other contacts you will need.
6. Building buyer’s lists
7. Meeting others whom you may do deals with (JV, wholesale, buy from, etc)
8. There are more, but the first 7 are more than enough to make it worth your while to join at least one good one in your area.
9. Saving MONEY!    LOCAL REIA’S GET Huge Discounts at several vendors.  There is a  30 OR 40 % DISCOUNT AT SHERWIN WILLIAMS!   <———–Worth the membership.

I highly recommend you join your local reia NOW.

The REIA I attend is the BIG SKY REIA   our meeting is coming up…….April 25th 2013.

At our local REIA we usually give away FREE courses and information every time…….This time I am going to give away a FREE course ($297 value).

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