The Real Estate Money Machine

the real estate money machine

What is the Course All About?

The real Estate money machine is a real estate investing course designed for anyone that needs more cash. This investing course, The Real Estate Money Machine, is the most in depth teaching tool for how to flip for quick cash and how you can have more cash for your real estate business. It can dramatically increase your chances of being successful in the real estate business. This step-by-step program dissects the business model implemented by the largely successful investing company, Big Sky Property Solutions LLC. The methods and strategies within The Real Estate Money Machine, are ones which can be easily emulated and can guarantee you a high level of success in your investing ventures….

What is Included With the Course?

5 Week Video Training Course Designed to Pump You Full of Cash. Hot, Sweaty, Stacks of CA$OULA…..

Module 1: The Art of Making Fast CA$H

•How to have 5 to 10 houses in your inventory at any given time.
•The fastest way to collect $1,000 to $10,000 working less than 5 hours
•Setting up the foundation for your real estate empire
•How to quickly and accurately analyze deals, make offers, and automate the whole process.

Module 2: Building a Following

•How to get Hundreds of Real estate investing buyers and followers flocking to you and wanting your deals
•The top 3 fastest ways to build a buyers list
•How to Get one hundred cash buyers in 5 minutes
•Setting up a real estate investing newsletter that sells and turns you into a local HERO!

Module 3: Finding the Money

•Where to Find hundreds of private lenders looking to invest with you
•How to find Private Lenders on Your Buyers List
•How you will never have to put up a penny of your own money again
•A Private Money Power Point Presentation and VIDEO you can use.
•Access to one of our nation wide private money lenders
•How to Get over your FEAR of asking for Money!

Module 4: How to Flip Bank Owned Property (with no money)

•How to find, buy, and sell R.E.O. (bank owned) foreclosure houses without money, credit, or risk!
•Push Buttons ways to Make offers on REO’s in 5 minutes
•How to get REO realtors to Love you
•An Expert interview with an REO wholesaler


Module 5: Internet Marketing

In this Module I will show you how to start making money online.

For the first time ever I an revealing how anyone can easily start making a few hundred to a few thousand dollars extra a month sending out a few emails.


Now … each week you’ll have a few clear-cut action steps to implement, and I’ll be “grading” you based on whether or not you’re actually making any money. Do exactly what I tell you to do, and you’ll inevitably Pass the Course… and a receive Gold Star at the top of your paper …

… and by the end of 5 weeks, if you follow the steps, you’ll have your check for $1,000 to $10,000 check in your hand…

Plus you will have developed the relationships you need to have unlimited funding for your real estate business
to start capitalizing on the Growing REO Market

Remember, your current experience level with real estate is NOT a factor. It doesn’t matter if you’ve flipped two houses, zero houses, or a nine hundred houses.

Just follow exactly what I say to do, and you’ll have more People Begging to give you money and be making more money than you know what to do with. It’s that simple.

Special Limited Time Bonuses

Quick Start Guide

This Quick Start Guide will answer most of your questions & give you total confidence to make this real estate money machine work.

The Guide breaks the whole process down into a simple cookie-cutter steps.

Just do this … do this … do this ……Get Money………..$200 Value

Bonus #2 Your Own Coach

I’m going to Give you personal access to me for the next 5 weeks. If you have any questions, I’ll answer them personally.

$1,000 Value

Bonus # 3

All of my Contracts, Documents and Marketing Material

Y0u will have access to marketing pieces that I have used and received a 30 to 50% response rate with. we have spent thousands of dollars testing the very best marketing pieces to find what actually works.

($200 Value)



Bonus #4 Internet Marketing for Real Estate

Did you know that over 90% of Motivated Sellers and Buyers start their information search online? If you are not dominating your local market online you are losing thousands of potential motivated seller and buyer leads every month.

In my Internet marketing for real estate I teach you how you can start using the internet and how easy it is to rank #1 in Google and other top search engines.

You will learn tips and tricks used by some of the top real estate investors in the country to dominate their marketing and find thousands of leads each and every month.

Bonus #5 Videos ($300 value)

  • Marketing for Deals
  • Deal Evaluation
  • and Much More….

To Recap….you’re getting:

  • The Real Estate Money Machine 5 week course ($997)

  • The Real Estate Quick Start Guide ($200)

  • Access to Me ($1,000)

  • Contracts and Documents ($200)

  • Internet Marketing for Real Estate ($197)

  • Bonus Videos ($300)

Total Value $2,894

This brand new online training program has the exact same content…….. the exact A-to-Z
money-getting tips & strategies……….

That I have used and my Friends have use to Generate More cash than we know what to do with

So to celebrate this initial launch of the Real Estate Money Machine Online Training Program, I want you to join me today for

Very Cheap price of ONLY…



(one time payment – Instant Access)

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