The Road to Real Estate Investing Riches

Your path to making money in Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing is considered by majority of business experts as one of the safest and best ways to make your money grow. Investments in real estate usually pronounces varieties of potential and creative profitable transactions. Beginners oftentimes get a head start through buying and renting another home and consider it as a property for investment. The road to real estate investing is quite challenging but with good faith, one will eventually get through.

Step 1 – Capital

Yes you are going to need some kind of capital to invest in real estate.  You can get owner financing but that will not work on all deals.   If you do not have the of your own to invest you will have to find it.   There are several ways, you can use bank financing, hard money (for flips), your IRA, Line of credit or private investors.
Step 2 – Go to seminars

To be able to grasp the environment of real estate investing, you should attend trainings or seminars concerned with the business. There are several great teacher on real estate investing, you just have to try a few out and find who you like best. Before looking into the Internet for information, you should first put your attention to books, there are hundreds of great real estate investing book.  You can also get my course that is coming soon.  Real Estate Flipping Secrets, it will be coming out mid January 2011.  If its available check it out.

Step 3 – Identify motivational sellers

This won’t be easy but it’s worth it. Identifying sellers who are duly motivated are those who can be trusted with your investment career. A person who is motivated is someone who sell relatively fast and accurately proportionate. From a motivated seller, you can buy a property, like a home, for less than thousands compared to its original market value, turning it into instant profit.

Step 4 – Be knowledgeable

This has been said over and over again not because it is necessary but because it is one of the main keys in real estate investing that makes you updated, aware and adept in making certain decisions that could affect your investment. Through knowledge, there are certain decisions that you can make for yourself without worrying of the risks. One example is assessing the structural soundness of a house that you are interested in investing. If you couldn’t do this for yourself, you can bring someone who can and knows how.

Step 5 – Don’t hesitate to hire

If you still don’t know the drill and is quite confused with how things are turning out, bring someone who can help you figure out the process. Hire an appraiser to have a pretty good idea on the property’s evaluation.  Hire another investor to walk you through the steps.

Step 6 – Step on it

Once you have a deal, close on it and you can either rent it, sell it, wholesale it or any strategy you choose.  There are several different ways you can make money with a real estate deal, you just need to figure out what is the highest and best use of the property.

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