The Secrets of Selling Houses in 7 Days

Since the end of last year, I’ve traveled all over the country and spoken to Real Estate Investors from all walks of life, and the one thing they are all the most afraid of is… getting stuck with a house they can’t sell!

            Some of them have houses they can’t sell- and are making payments every month, hoping for a miracle. Others are so scared of getting stuck with a house that they’re too afraid to even make any offers in the first place!

            Well, in case you don’t know me, my name is Jason Loucks, and I’m here to forever erase your fear of getting stuck with a house! And once I do that, I’ll show you the fastest and easiest way to start making LOTS of money from pretty houses, even in this market, by selling houses fast and for top dollar!

            See, selling houses quickly and for top dollar is where the money is made in Real Estate. Especially with the market the way it is, those who know how to sell quickly will be making fortunes while those who don’t know the techniques I’m going to share in this article will be left out.

            And I should know- I struggled for years to make Real Estate investing work, but each month nearly all the money that came in went right out the other side in mortgage payments, repairs, vacancies, and all the other expenses that eat up an Investor’s profits! I was working hard with almost nothing to show for it.

            I realized I’d turned into a glorified landlord!

            Finally I just said, “Enough is enough!” My wife Laura and I made a pact that we’d never make another monthly payment ever again- and after testing and tweaking the system, we created the perfect way to sell houses, starting from scratch, in 7 days.

            It’s called a 7 Day Sale, and it isn’t Lease Options or Owner Financing. This is finding a Buyer with good credit and a down payment to match, that will pay you your entire purchase price at closing for the house.

            Whether you HAVE TO get rid of a house because the payments and maintenance are eating you alive, or you’re just antsy to get to your big check, the 7 Day Sale is the answer. And once you master the art of the 7 Day Sale, you’re never more than 7 days away from getting your house sold!

            Here’s All You have To Do, To Sell Your Houses in 7 Days:

1. Run your 7-Day Sale Marketing (Or Have Someone Else Do It!)

2. Have Someone Take the Calls (Or use a Voicemail Box)

3. Show the Home on Saturday and Sunday (You Can Have Someone Else Do This, Too!)

4. Sell Your Home Sunday Night to the Highest Bidder! (You Can Always Say “No!” If You Don’t Get the Price You Wanted!)

            And once you get the hang of selling houses in just 7 days, it’s EASY to get a TON of great deals. Since most Homeowners and Investors are struggling to sell, it’s an easy process to pick up houses at a discount.

            But can you make a profit if you only have a small amount of equity?

            Well… if you know how to run a 7 Day Sale, the answer is a big YES! And you can very easily do it several times a month!

            See, a “Traditional Investor” has too many costs, fees, risks, and BS to make any money off of a so-called “Marginal” or “skinny” deal. But we have much more to offer the Seller than they do!

            Here’s a Perfect Example:

            My beautiful wife Laura spoke with a motivated seller about a home in a gated neighborhood just 2 miles from where we live.

            The Property was in excellent condition, and worth $575,000. That’s a nice house, in a nice neighborhood, but not a luxury home. The seller wanted $510,000 for this 5 Bedroom 4 Bathroom house, and wanted $20,000 out of the sale.

            Now, I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but $510,000 for a $575,000 house is nowhere near the All Cash numbers.

            If an untrained Investor wanted to buy this house, they’d probably go get a bank loan, put up 10-20% as a down payment, and make payments on it until they got it sold at something under $575,000 (maybe $560,000 or $550,000).

            So, let’s see, a “Traditional Investor” would pay:

Purchase Price: $510,000

Closing Costs to Buy: $15,000

Payments (Assuming 5 payments to sell in 6 months, our area’s average time on market for Listed Houses, plus $880/month expenses): $20,000 + $4,400 = $24,400

Closing Costs to Sell: 3% of $560,000 = $16,800

Total Costs: $568,200

Sales Price: $560,000

            Total: LOSE $8,200 + 6 Months Time and Effort

            So what can we do? How could we possibly make a Profit?

            Well, it’s a straightforward technique I like to call- Just Sell the Darned Thing!

            Here’s how it worked out- Laura simply Optioned the property from the Seller for the $510,000 asking price, and sold it through a 7-Day Sale. At a sales price to the End Buyer of $545,000, it’s a fat $35,000 Profit.

            See, most people get so caught up in loans, banks, fees, costs, carrying costs, etc., that they can’t move fast enough to capitalize on a deal. We Optioned this house, and sold it through a 7 Day Sale, and cashed our check before most untrained Investors would even have bought the house in the first place! This wasn’t even a great deal, but $35,000 is a nice paycheck!

            In this Property, we paid the Seller 89% of Full Market Value and still made $35,000! The Seller pays the customary Seller closing costs, and the Buyer pays the customary Buyers’ closing costs, so we pay… NONE!

            By the way, Sellers don’t have to be in Foreclosure, or even particularly motivated, to say “Yes” to 85-90% of the property value! In fact, a good chunk of the houses we buy come from people who showed up at our sales as Buyers!

            7 Day Sales are GREAT for Short Sale deals, too.

            Roger, one of our 7 Day Sale students, recently completed a deal where he discounted the 2nd mortgage from $44,850 down to just $8,000. Not bad.

            He could have paid the $8,000 out of pocket, plus another $7,000 or so to the first mortgage company to bring the loan current. He could have, except for one little problem… he didn’t have the $15,000!

            Once again, it was the 7 Day Sale to the rescue! He simply sold the house, paid off the 1stMortgage and the discounted 2nd, and made $61,300!

            Right now is the biggest time in history for those of us who know how to sell houses quickly to truly make a fortune!

            If you want to get free of the fear of getting stuck with a house, and start making the biggest, fastest, easiest, risk-free checks in Real Estate, make sure you listen to my FREE “Secrets of the 7 Day Sale” Audio. It’ll open your eyes to a whole new approach to Real Estate, money, and lifestyle!

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