The Top 8 Reasons to Buy Houses From an Experienced Real Estate Wholesaler

8) Like Sam’s Club, experienced wholesalers can buy houses in bulk, thus buying them at deep discounts. These savings are then passed on to you.

7) Good wholesalers understand the real way to make money wholesaling is by doing volume. They look at thousands of houses only to make hundreds of offers that lead to the best deals. This means wholesalers aren’t trying to get rich on every deal. It also means their research saves you time.

6) Wholesalers usually mark up their deals a few thousand and leave a sizeable profit margin for the next guy or gal. The really well connected ones can buy at such great discounts that often there is room for two wholesalers to make money.

5) The real pros only sell deals that make you money. They do this because you will continue to buy from them. The more money you make, the more everyone makes. I mean, seriously… who doesn’t like to make money?

4) Wholesalers are an important piece of the real estate investment puzzle, so to speak. They play a very important role and one that allows you to always be focusing on your exit strategy.

3) Because of their connections and years in the business, experienced wholesalers get first shot at the best deals in town.

2) An experienced wholesaler has a goal to make sure the end investor is well taken care of. This can include providing related contacts (property management, contractors, title companies, etc) and could also mean providing rehab project management, for a fee. This service is vitally important to out of town buyers.

1) Experienced wholesalers love helping you build your real estate investment portfolio and will go out of their way to see you succeed. It’s all about relationships, and a true wholesale pro wants to build one with you for the long term. After all, they’re in this business for the long haul.

Bottom line is experienced wholesalers are the best in every city at finding diamonds in the rough-and we all know that diamonds in the rough equal profits. Profits, and the freedom that comes with it, are the reasons we become real estate investors. Heck, more millionaires have been created through investing in real estate than any other vehicle.

History says the time to buy is in a down market. Who are we to argue with history?

And Warren Buffet says, “Be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy only when others are fearful.” I don’t know about you, but I’ll take the advice of the richest billionaire in the world.

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