The Truth about Real Estate Investors In Billings Mt Revealed!

The Truth about Real Estate Investors In Billings Mt Revealed!

In my experience I have found that home owners, business owners and a lot of individuals have some crazy ideas about what Real Estate Investors in Billings Montana actually do.  Most of these myths are far from the truth.   I will note that there are some shady investors out there and everyone needs to be cautious but 90% of investors are good people and just want to help.

Real estate investing in Billings Montana is like any other business.  Investors help to improve the community by buying ugly houses, fixing them up and either renting them out or selling them to a family.

Myths about Real Estate Investors In Billings Montana

Myth: Investors are just trying to steal my home.

Truth: Investors in Billings just want to help you out of your bad situation.  Everyone has financial troubles and need help to get out of them.  Real Estate investors offer a solution.  I will only work with homeowners who are motivated to fix their problem.  I always explain all of their options and figure out how to best help them.

Myth: All investors just want to make huge profits

Truth: Yes as Investors we are out to make a profit.  But most investors would take a $1000 dollar profit to help get you back on your feet and out of your situation.

Myth: Investors are too pushy

Truth:  We only want to help motivated people who want help.  If a seller says no we don’t want your help then that’s the end of it and we move on.  There are hundreds of other homeowners who need and want our help in Billings Montana every year.

Myth: Investors leave homeowners off worse than they were before.

Truth: Most Real Estate Investors in Billings Montana will do everything in their power to make sure that there are no repercussions after the sale of your house.  We will make sure that the bank will not come after you for more money.

Myth: Your not licensed how can you buy and sell houses, Realtors are better.

Truth: Realtor are a great option for anyone wanted to sell their home at retail value and wait the 3-6 months it takes to sell.  Homes in Billings are taking 212 days right now on average to sell. If you need to sell quickly and not worry about coming up with the necessary money to make the repairs we can help.  Some homeowners cannot afford to pay $10,000 to remodel their home. And then have to pay the commissions that realtors charge.  Investors pay all closing costs.

Myth: There is no way I am taking a discount for my house

Truth: The reason we have to buy at a discount is because we are taking the risk of fixing up the house, making payments for 3-months waiting for the house to sell, closing costs, marketing the house to sell cost and all the fees that are associated with selling a house.

Myth: Investors always think houses are worth less than they really are.

Truth: Homeowners a lot of times think that because they bought the house for $100,000 five years ago today it should be worth $125,000 or more.  This is just not true.  A lot happens in five years and today our country is in the biggest recession in history.  House values even in Billings Montana Have dropped off a little bit.  Make sure you are evaluating your house on what people are paying for similar houses in your area.

Myth: Investors just want to buy my home and not help me keep it.

Truth: I first ask homeowners if they would like to keep their home or sell it.  I can help homeowners who want to keep their home by helping get a loan modification done.

Myth: An Investor can’t help me because I want to sell at retail

Truth: Most investors know how to sell a house and can give you some pointers to help your process move smoothly.  We also know who the best realtors in Billings Montana are.  I can refer you to the best out there, who will get your house sold.

Myth:  I owe what the house is worth, Investors only buy at discounts.

Truth: Yes we buy at discounts.  But if you need to get your house sold fast we can do what is called a short sale.  This is negotiating with the bank to accept a lower price for the house.

There are just a few of the common myths I hear every day from sellers and individuals.  Most real estate investors in Billings are just your average person like yourself.  Listen to them and ask them any questions you have about real estate, most will give you a very honest answer.  Big Sky Property Solutions LLC is always available for free consultations.

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