HOW Real Estate Investors Flip Houses 2000 Miles away!

Have you ever thought about Flipping houses 2000 miles away?

Check out How I am able to flip houses in Markets All across the country from Good Ole Montana.

2-28-2014 3-46-59 PM

Here is my Process!

Step 1 Find a New Market!  

We look for markets that have lots of cash sales (investors) and lots of Inventory (vacant houses, absentee high equity owner)

Step 2 Find Reliable Wholesalers to Partner With 

This can be the tricky part.   In order to work virtually you need to have boots on the ground.   You need someone reliable who can go look at the property, put houses under contract and also find buyers for you.

To find reliable people you need to start calling investment clubs and checking out Facebook groups.  Get to know others in areas you want Virtually wholeasle in and find out who the best is and work with them.

Step 3 Send out 2000 post cards to a targeted area.   

We find the very best area in a given city or county and send out 2000 post cards.   Cost is around 46 Cents per post card.

Step 4 Answer your phone or have a call center answer and pre-screen. 

We use to answer our phones and pre-screen sellers.   From their pre-screened sellers we can determine if we have a deal or not.

Step 5 Have your Partner/wholesaler go and look at the houses and put the good deals under contract 

step 6 Find a Buyer 

If your working with an experienced wholesaler they should have buyers.   You can also use to get a free buyers list in any area.  Check it out and get a free 30 day trial.

Step 6 Assign your contract 

Step 7 Close the house and Collect your Check 

Step 8 Repeat the process.   

As you can see Virtual wholesaling is not Difficult.

Here is a House I never Saw and Never Spoke with the Seller.  We put the property Under contract and Assigned out Contract in Less than a week for a Quick $6,000 profit.


One of the Things that has changed my Virtual Wholesaling Business for the better has been the Find Motivated Sellers NOW program.  It makes it very easy to pull targeted motivated seller lists.   These are people who are ready to sell NOW!

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