We Buy Houses Billings MT

Maybe you have seen the Billboards around town, the signs, classified ads and flyers.  Every town including Billings Mt has people who are looking to buy houses for rentals and fixer uppers.  Most of these individuals are honest hard working people just like you trying to help others sell their home quickly.

How can an “I buy Houses” Guy Help you out?

There are several reason why using an I buy houses guy would be a better choice then selling your house on your own or through a realtor.    When selling a house on the retail market there are certain things that you have to deal with.  For one you have to get your house fixed up so that someone getting an FHA loan could easily qualify for your house. Financing for retail houses falls apart all the time, buyers string you a long for 6 months.   The average house is taking 3 to 6 months to sell.

Some people just don’t have those 3-6 months to wait.  So what are your options?  One is to sell your house at a discount to an investor.  I know most people think the investor is just trying to steal the house but is far from true most of the time. There are crocked investors out there just like there are crooked cops, lawyers, accountants and Realtor.

Here is how a Good investor goes about making an offer to you.

What I do personally is start at the market value for your property, what you would sell to a retail buyer if the property was in 100% condition.

Then I subtract repairs that are needed, holding costs, closing costs, and a small margin of profit for me.  It’s a pretty simple process and if you think about it, excluding the investor profit, you’re pretty much paying the same as selling yourself or maybe less depending on how long it would actually take you to sell.

Also think of the profit the investor is going to make as the cost of fast money.  If you want someone that can close quickly and just get you out of the house. Then its going to cost some money and that is the profit the investor makes.  And you have to realize that no one is going to pay retail for a house that needs some work.

Now lets talk about why you would need to sell quickly.  Well the first and most obvious is you are behind on payments and facing foreclosure.  An investor is your best bet.  Even if you owe more than your property is worth some investors can help you get out of your house.  There is what is called a short sale.

Other reasons for selling fast include, divorce, and inherited an unwanted property, moving because of a job, and house needs lots of work, unemployment and making double payments.

If You are in Billings MT, Click Here for an “I Buy House Guy”

If you are ever looking to sell your home fast make sure you look for “we buy houses” signs billboards, classified ad and flyers.   They are out there in your area waiting for your call.

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